“Army of Darkness 2″ Coming in 2016, Ivan and Sam Raimi Working on Script


This...is my BOOMSTICK!

Some interesting news in time for October and Halloween: Army of Darkness 2 – the sequel to the original film (and Evil Dead spinoff) that came out in 1992 — is seemingly slated for release in 2016. Right now, the surest sign that the Ivan and Sam Raimi-written script is in the works is that film now has an IMDB page — complete with fanboys and girls going off on the message boards. Furthermore, according to Bloody Disgusting, filmmaker Fede Alvarez stated, “As far as I know…Sam is really determined to get Army Of Darkness 2 happening. He is actually writing [it now].”

In April 2013, a reboot of Evil Dead, directed by Alvarez, was released in theaters — the original film that started the whole franchise was released in 1981. Its comedic sequel, Evil Dead II, was released in 1987 and ranks as one of the bloodiest, goriest horror films of all time.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/tasmania.miniatures Anthony James

    Wahoo and hurray for the good guys… get my boomstick and strap in bitches, it may actually (finally) happen !!

  • Chris Stephenson

    So uh do you have another source for this other than IMDB? Any fan can make an IMDB page.

    That quote is from April.

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