Kimya Dawson Shares Cutting New Track, “At The Seams” In Support of #BlackLivesMatter

photo by Heather Schofner

Kimya Dawson has shared a new track titled “At The Seams,” an extremely cutting and real track, as emotional and jarring as it is catchy and easy to sing along with.

Dawson released a rough version of the song, stating, “I wanted to just share with a few friends until I got a better recording and practiced some more, because I don’t play piano but it’s not a guitar song. I realized that this is how it is meant to be though. Sloppy and dark and raw and sad and mad. I spent 5 years writing it. It’s about messy messy things. All my love to the families and friends of the murdered and the many people fighting everyday for Black Lives and to end police brutality.”

She provided links to learn more and donate to the Black Youth Project. If they have the means, individuals should donate to the cause when they download the track.

Here are the lyrics, from her Tumblr:

AT THE SEAMS by Kimya Dawson

Left hands hold the leashes and the right hands hold the torches
And Grandpas holding shotguns swing on porch swings hung on porches
And the Grandmas in their gardens plant more seeds to cut their losses
And the poachers with the pooches and the nooses preheat crosses
And the pooches see the Grandpas and they bare their teeth and growl
While their owners turn their noses up like they smell something foul
And they fumble with their crosses and they start to mumble curses
And they plot ways to get Grandpas off of porches into hearses
But the Grandpas on the porches are just scarecrows holding toys
And the Grandmas in the gardens are papier-mâché decoys
While the real Grandmas and Grandpas are with all the girls and boys
Marching downtown to the City Hall to make a lot of noise Saying

Hands up Don’t shoot I can’t breathe
BLACK LIVES MATTER No justice No Peace
I know that we can overcome because I had a dream
A dream we tore this racist broken system apart at the seams

Sometimes it seams like we’ve reached the end of the road
We’ve seen cops and judges sleep together wearing long white robes
And they put their white hoods up Try to take the black hoods down
And they don’t plan on stopping til we’re all in the ground
Til we’re dead in the ground or we’re incarcerated
‘Cause prison’s a big business form of enslavement
Plantations that profit on black folks in cages
They’ll break our backs and keep the wages
It’s outrageous that there’s no place we can feel safe in this nation
Not in our cars Not at the park Not in subway stations
Not at church The pool The store Not asking for help
Not walking down the street So we’ve gotta scream and yell

Hands up Don’t shoot I can’t breathe
BLACK LIVES MATTER No justice No Peace
I know that we can overcome because I had a dream
A dream we tore this racist broken system apart at the seams

You tweet me my own lyrics Tell me to stop
Letting a few bad apples ruin the bunch
Don’t minimize the fight comparing apples to cops
This is about the orchards poisoned roots not loose fruits in a box
Once the soils been spoiled the whole crop’s corrupt
That’s why we need the grassroots working from the ground up
And we look to Black Twitter to stay woke and get some truth
Instead of smiling cops and black mugshots from biased corporate news
‘Cause if you steal cigarillos or you sell loose cigarettes
Or you forget your turn signal will they see your skin as a threat
Will they KILL you And then SMEAR you And COVER IT UP and LIE
Will they call it “self defense” Will they call it “suicide”

Hands up Don’t shoot I can’t breathe
BLACK LIVES MATTER No justice No Peace
I know that we can overcome because I had a dream
A dream we tore this racist broken system apart at the seams

Decades of cultivation starts from tiny seeds that were once planted
And we mustn’t take the gardens that our elders grew for granted
Though it is up to our youth how new rows sown are organized
Because movements can’t keep moving if old and unsharpened eyes
Can’t see the need to hear what those on the ground hafta say
In Ferguson and Cleveland Staten Island The East Bay
Charleston Phoenix Detroit Sanford Waller
Seattle Chicago Los Angeles Baltimore
Climbing flagpoles Taking bridges Locked together to the BART
Speaking up about injustice in our music and our art
Storming stages to ask candidates when they’re gonna start
Really DIRECTLY addressing issues BREAKING OUR HEARTS

Hands up Don’t shoot I can’t breathe
BLACK LIVES MATTER No justice No Peace
I know that we can overcome because I had a dream
A dream we tore this racist broken system apart at the seams

Hands up Don’t shoot I can’t breathe
BLACK LIVES MATTER No justice No Peace
I know that we can overcome because I had a dream
A dream we tore this racist broken system apart at the seams

And if the altars are torn down we’ll just keep on placing flowers
For the boy whose body was in the road FOR MORE THAN FOUR HOURS
We will honor the dead of every age and every gender
‘Cause we can’t just have it be the brothers’ names that we remember
Black boys with skateboards and black boys with hoodies
And little black girls who are on the couch sleeping
And all of the black trans women massacred
Too many black folks killed and brutalized Too little justice served
After the lynchings of our people by the murderous police
Who stand like hunters ’round their prey gasping helpless in the street
Feet from the TEEN SISTER they tackled and locked handcuffed in the car


And we’ll keep on planting flowers and we’ll fight until the day
That we don’t have to pick them all to put them all on graves
Yeah we’ll keep planting flowers and we’ll fight until the day
That we don’t have to pick them all to put them all on graves

Hands up Don’t shoot I can’t breathe
BLACK LIVES MATTER No justice No Peace
I know that we can overcome because I had a dream
A dream we tore this racist broken system apart at the seams



Song Premiere: Quaildogs “The Wedding Song” (feat. Book Club’s Rachel Buckley)

photo by Jamie Platus

Quaildogs, with a lineup unchanged since 2011 and yet no debut record, are set to release their first LP next month. Check out our premiere of “The Wedding Song” off their upcoming album, The Getting Old Factory, and some words from the band about the track:

“Close to the end of recording The Getting Old Factory, we decided we wanted something smaller and more intimate—something to offset the album’s bigger moments. Also, we’re in our late 20s, and weddings have become a big part of our lives. Every summer, we all have to go stand up there a few times, we have to wear something ugly that someone else picked out, and then go get drunk afterwards. The best weddings, you can really feel the love, and sometimes the excess ends up at your feet when least expect it.

“And the people at the wedding—especially the ones who are still single—they can bring a bittersweet element to the mix. You see two people so caught up in each other, you can’t help but compare yourself to them. That’s where all the feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, jealousy—whatever—enter the picture. “The Wedding Song” is about two people wrestling with those emotions, finding each other and feeling better about themselves for a night.

“After we wrote the the song, we knew we needed a girl singer to tell the other half of the story. Our engineer Ben Etter actually worked on Book Club’s most recent album, and he offered to reach out to their [harmony singer/co-lead vocalist] Rachel Buckley. Rachel has such a great voice — she really tapped into that sense of vulnerability we were looking for. We did the whole thing with one mic in Rob’s living room on a Saturday afternoon. It was super informal and organic, and she was such a sweetheart throughout.”

Fabulosa 2015 Taking Place Near Yosemite, September 24-27, 2015

Fabulosa 2015 is taking place near Yosemite Thursday, September 24th to Sunday, September 27th, 2015. This year a lineup that includes THEESatisfaction, Bitch, DJ Chelsea Star, Romy, and more will grace the outdoor stage.

You can get your tickets here. The last day to purchase tickets at an Early Bird rate of $240 for a four-day pass is August 15, 2015. Whether or not you get the Early Bird rate you can feel pretty good about where your money is going, though. The main purpose of the event is to raise awareness and to support organizations that promote women and children. (Note: It’s also one hell of a party!) Check out Mars Varela’s photos from the 2014 event below.

Chris Farley’s Version of Shrek Has Leaked Online

Chris Farley as Shrek

Eighteen years after it was recorded, a clip of the late actor Chris Farley’s version of Shrek has leaked online. The world may know the character Shrek as voiced by Mike Myers, but Farley was originally given the role, having completed 80 to 95 percent of his role (depending on the source of the estimate) before his untimely death in December of 1997.

According to Jim Hill Media, Farley’s Shrek was supposed to have had a very different storyline:

It wasn’t a movie about an ogre who just wanted to be left alone in his swamp. But — rather — it was about a teenage ogre who wasn’t all that eager to go into the family business. You see, young Shrek didn’t really want to frighten people. He longed to make friends, help people. This ogre actually dreamed of becoming a knight.

Interestingly, Princess Fiona was to have been voiced by Janeane Garofalo, rather than Cameron Diaz, because “ it was thought that [Garofalo's] somewhat abrasive, sarcastic comic persona would provide a perfect counterpoint to Chris Farley’s sweet if somewhat dim take on Shrek.”

Song Premiere: Fake Tears “Second Wind”

Fake Tears

Even before joining as Fake Tears, Larissa Loyva and Elisha May Rembold were already established singers and songwriters. Loyva has released two spectral albums under the name Kellarissa, has toured the world as a live member of Destroyer and How to Dress Well, and has played in past Mint Records acts P:ano and the Choir Practice. Meanwhile, Rembold leads the folk-rock band the Lost Lovers Brigade and is a member of Shimmering Stars.

The pair first collaborated when Larissa joined the lineup of Lost Lovers, and they continued to hone their chemistry during a stint as backup vocalists in the local ensemble COOL TV.

Now, the duo, performing as Fake Tears, is set to release their debut album, Nightshifting, via Mint Records on August 7, 2015. “Second Wind,” the debut single from the Jay Arner-produced synth-pop album, premieres today at VerbicideMagazine.com.

Fake Tears "Nightshifting"

Descendents Working on New Record


I know, it’s been a long time coming, and there have been many mentions regarding the supposed “new” Descendents record. Back in August 2013, drummer Bill Stevenson stated that a new album was in “the embryonic stages.” More than a year later, in October 2014, he said, “we are getting all of our songs organized and we will record over the best [sic] several months.”

Now, there is more fuel to this fire, courtesy bassist Karl Alvarez. Alvarez posted a photo of his bass guitar to Facebook with a simple caption: “DESCENDENTS 2015. Working on the knew rekkid.”

I’m excited. How about you?

FYF Fest Reveals Lineup for 2015 Festival

FYF 2015

The 2015 lineup for FYF Fest has been announced. Taking place August 22 and 23, 2015, the 12th annual FYF Fest will feature headlining performances from Frank Ocean and Morrissey, with additional performances from D’Angelo and The Vanguard, Bloc Party, Flume, Chet Faker, FKA Twigs, Solange, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Belle and Sebastian and many more. Full lineup below.

The event will take place at LA Sports Arena & Exposition Park in Downtown Los Angeles, FYF Fest General Admission passes will be available for $175 with single day tickets available for $109 and weekend VIP passes available for $329. For all ticketing info, FAQ, and news, visit FYFFest.com.

FYF Fest 2015 Lineup (Alphabetical):

Andrew Jackson Jihad
Belle and Sebastian
Bloc Party
Chet Faker
Cold Cave
D’Angelo and The Vanguard
Death Grips
Dinosaur Jr.
DJ Dodger Stadium
DJ Harvey
The Drums
Evian Christ
FKA Twigs
Frank Ocean
Hop Along
Horse Meat Disco
The Jesus and Mary Chain
Jon Hopkins
Joy Orbison
Joyce Manor
Kevin Morby
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
La Femme
Laura Marling
Lower Dens
Mac DeMarco
Melody’s Echo Chamber
Mikal Cronin
Neon Indian
Nicolas Jaar
Purity Ring
Run the Jewels
Simian Mobile Disco
Thee Oh Sees
Title Fight
Tobias Jesso Jr.
Toro y Moi
Unknown Mortal Orchestra

FYF 2015

Exclusive Album Stream: The Mama Rags “Hectic Electric”

The Mama Rags formed in the fall of 2013 in Seattle, Washington. Inspired by the great rock bands of the late ’60s and early ’70s heyday, the band seeks to translate the vintage aesthetic of quality rock and roll to a modern-day audience. Combining hard rock with hints of garage, psychedelic, country, and blues, The Mama Rags create a well-rounded and unique sound that leaves you thinking you were born in the wrong era.

Hectic Electric is a debut release that encapsulates the golden-era rock stylings of The Mama Rags. On the one hand, you have “Change You,” a catchy pop tune guaranteed to be stuck in your head all day, that was mixed by Grammy-nominated producer Don Gehman (R.E.M., Stephen Stills, Neil Young, John Mellencamp). On the other hand, a collection of songs recorded in friend Shawn Fleming’s (King Dude) basement over a December weekend which feature dirty riffs reminiscent of Black Sabbath (“Borrowed Time”), the sloppy attitude of the Stones (“Invite Me Over”), and modern garage rock accessibility (“Hectic Electric”).

Hectic Electric sees its release on June 16, 2015 via FunkFarm. The exclusive album stream is above, and the flyer for the band’s record release show (Saturday, June 20, 2015 at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern) is below.

The Mama Rags record release show flyer

Song Premiere: Ben Trickey “Guiding Star”

Ben Trickey, photo by Aaron Barnes

Atlanta’s Ben Trickey is a layman’s existentialist, a dive-bar philosopher both driven and paralyzed by a deep fascination with life’s greatest question. In his songs, he perpetually contemplates his purpose, and with a wounded, wary croon, his dark country-folk struggles for hope in the face of desolation.

Trickey’s latest offering is the fourth and final installment in a seven-inch series he recorded over the past four years, all of which will soon be compiled into a hand-made limited edition box set called The Long Box (out June 9th). The A-side of the new seven-inch, “Alabama,” is quietly devastating, its stark rural imagery contrasted with a nostalgia for unburdened youth. This is followed by a cover of Kris Kristofferson’s “Shipwrecked in the ’80s,” and “Guiding Star,” which finds Trickey’s quivering vocals at a heart-wrenching pinnacle.

Clocking in at about a minute-and-a-half, “Guiding Star” a brief but impactful indulgence in loneliness. The premiere of the track can be streamed below.

Photos: Bernie Sanders Announces Presidential Candidacy, Burlington, VT 5/26/15

Bernie For President

On May 26, 2015, Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced his run for presidency at Burlington, Vermont’s Waterfront Park. The populist independent senator from Vermont will be seeking the nomination of the Democratic Party.

“This campaign is not about Bernie Sanders. It is not about Hillary Clinton. It is not about Jeb Bush or anyone else. This campaign is about the needs of the American people,” said Sanders before a large crowd gathered on the shore of Lake Champlain. His entire speech, outlining the major points of his campaign, can be read here.

Below are more photos taken from the rally, which kicked off at 5 p.m. EST.

The rally begins at Waterfront Park

The rally begins at Waterfront Park

A sizable crowd gathered for the event

A sizable crowd gathers for the event

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry's address the crowd

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of Ben & Jerry’s address the crowd

Bernie takes to the podium

Bernie takes to the podium

Bernie Sanders

“The gap between the very rich and everyone else is wider than at any time since the 1920s. The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time.”

Bernie Sanders rally crowd

“I ask you to join me in this campaign to build a future that works for all of us, and not just the few on top.”

Boaters and kayakers gathered along the shore to listen to Bernie's speech

Boaters and kayakers gather along the shore to listen to Bernie’s speech

The historic Moran Plant looms over the gathering

The historic Moran Plant looms over the gathering

Bernie Sanders shakes the hands of supporters as he leaves the rally in his Jeep

Bernie Sanders shakes the hands of supporters as he leaves the rally in his Jeep Cherokee

Signs in the crowd

Signs in the crowd

The crowd disperses through Waterfront Park

The crowd disperses through Waterfront Park

Again, to read Bernie’s full speech, please visit The Burlington Free Press website.

The Village Voice Announces 5th Annual 4Knots Music Festival on July 11, 2015

4knots 2015

The Village Voice‘s 4Knots Music Festival will be back for its fifth year on July 11, 2015 from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., rain or shine. Working together with Friends of Hudson River Park, the festival will be located at Pier 84 in Hudson River Park, their largest public pier, which features sweeping views of New York City and the Hudson River. For the first time, 4Knots Music Festival will be a ticketed show, offering low ticket prices with proceeds benefiting the Park.

There are two tiers of ticket options: General Admission tickets (all ages, $25) and VIP tickets (21-plus, $50).

For more info and tickets, visit www.villagevoice.com/4knots.

More Than 300 Bands Confirmed for The Fest 14

FEST 14The organizers of The Fest 14 have announced the next batch of bands. The latest additions – which brings the total number of confirmed bands to 331 – include Title Fight, Modern Life Is War, As Friends Rust, Big Wig, Into It. Over It., Smoke or Fire, Pianos Become the Teeth, Loma Prieta, Masked Intruder, Lee Corey Oswald, and more.

These bands join a list of artists that already includes Lagwagon, Desaparecidos, The Menzingers, Mustard Plug, Tim Barry, Off With Their Heads, Teenage Bottlerocket, mewithoutYou, Modern Baseball, The Hotelier, Chumped, The Sidekicks, Elway, and Defiance, Ohio.

The 2015 edition of The Fest will take place in Gainesville, Florida over the course of three days (October 30th and 31st, and November 1st) and will feature more than 350 punk and independent bands.

To see the full list (so far) of bands, go here and here.

Five Pilot Episodes of Popular TV Shows

"Family Guy" pilot

We all have to start somewhere, right? Prior to becoming your favorite way to waste a half-hour, a pilot episode must pave the way for a television show to make it on air. Over time, these relics become forgotten – and in some cases, remain practically unseen. Here are five interesting pilots of shows that have become household names.

The Flintstones

This short cartoon, clocking in at just over a minute and a half, introduced “The Flagstones” as they were originally called. Created in 1959 (a year before The Flintstones debuted on TV), the plot of this demo reel would eventually be incorporated into the episode “The Swimming Pool.”

You may recognize the voice of Wilma, as it is portrayed here by Jean Vander Pyl, who would continue as Wilma in the series. However, in this short, Betty is voiced by the legendary June Foray (known for her work as Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Cindy Lou Who, Magica De Spell, and a million other characters), while Fred and Barney are voiced by Daws Butler (Yogi Bear, Snagglepuss, and Huckleberry Hound).

The show eventually featured Alan Reed as Fred, Bea Benaderet as Betty, and Mel Blanc as Barney — though Daws Butler would step in to play Barney for five episodes in season two while Blanc recuperated from a car accident.


When the first episode of Seinfeld aired on July 5, 1989, it was known as The Seinfeld Chronicles. The pilot episode, written by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, was well-received by critics — but it was reviled by test audiences, and the network decided to pass. However, thanks to the tenacity of NBC executive Rick Ludwin (who put up some of his own money just to get the deal done), a four-episode first season was ordered — the smallest episode order in history.

More than 25 years later, Seinfeld continues to make history, as Hulu has paid a record $160 million licensing deal to air every episode of the show.

South Park

A large portion of the South Park pilot, “Cartman Gets an Anal Probe,” would air as the first episode (with the same title) on Comedy Central. However, there are some differences here.

First, the original pilot shows the Cartman family with a father and a sister present, rather than just Cartman and his mom. The school nurse — sans conjoined fetus — makes her debut, as does the “6th Grade Leader” kid. Most interestingly, Cartman’s reason for farting fire is explained.

While the entire unaired pilot was created with handmade cutouts, the edited first episode contains some scenes created with computer animation. This was done to fill in the gaps due to the deleted scenes.

Family Guy

The original test pilot of Family Guy may look crudely drawn, but it served its purpose in exhibiting the show’s style of humor, as well as most of its primary characters. In addition to the entire Griffin clan, Quagmire, Cleveland, Mike Tucker, and Diane Simmons are among those who appear. The plot of this short closely resembles that of the first episode, “Death Has a Shadow.”

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

With a camcorder and less than $200, creators Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Rob McElhenney filmed the pilot episode of what was originally titled “It’s Always Sunny on TV,” a show about three struggling actors in Hollywood. Once the show was picked up by FX, its location was changed from LA to Philadelphia, McElhenney’s hometown.

The plot of the pilot episode would later become the basis of the plot of the show’s fourth episode, “Charlie Has Cancer.”

Click here for Top 10 Most Annoying Cartoon Characters of All Time

Ben E. King, Singer of “Stand By Me” and Member of The Drifters, Has Died at Age 76

Ben E. King, best known for his 1961 song “Stand By Me,” has died at the age of 76. He passed away on Thursday, April 30, 2015. The cause of death has not been announced.

Fellow musician Gary US Bonds wrote on Facebook that King was “one of the sweetest, gentlest and gifted souls that I have had the privilege of knowing and calling my friend for more than 50 years.”

King started his career in the late 1950s with The Drifters, singing on hits including “There Goes My Baby” and “Save The Last Dance For Me.”  After going solo, he hit the US top five with “Stand By Me” in 1961. The song returned to the charts in the 1980s following its use in the film of the same name.

(via BBC)