Mike Dees of Fitz of Depression Has Passed Away

Tuesday, June 4th, 2019

Fitz of Depression

There is news out of Olympia, Washington today that Mikey Dees of Fitz of Depression and The Stuntmen was found dead on June 4, 2019. No cause of death has been officially announced, but the report was confirmed by The Stuntmen on Facebook.

Dees co-founded Fitz of Depression in Olympia in 1988 with original members Jim Koontz and Craig Becker, and the band remained active through 1997, with Dees remaining as the only consistent member. The band released three full-length albums, 1991’s self-titled debut on Meat Records, and two follow-up records via K Records,  Let’s Give It A Twist and Swing.

Fitz reformed in 2000 and 2002, and once again regrouped in 2018 to tour and record a new album, which would be their first since 1996. The recordings have yet to be heard, however. Most recently, Dees has been playing bass with The Stuntmen.

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