Song Premiere: Rave Ami “Rave Ami Performs Honey”

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018
Rave Ami, photo by Shauna Miller

Rave Ami, photo by Shauna Miller

Pittsburgh rock trio Rave Ami has had trouble slowing down over the past couple years. Just one year after releasing their debut LP Mock Pop, the band is set to release their second full-length, All Great Bands Break Up via Misra Records.  The album was written during a two-year period of the band living together in the same house, using the basement as a rehearsal and show space. All Great Bands was produced by Rozwell Kid’s own Adam Meisterhans at the Goosehead Palace in Nashville earlier in 2018.

Rave Ami, their name newly minted after eight years as a band called Honey, release with not just a little irony the lead single “Rave Ami Performs ‘Honey’.” The track is a mammoth three minutes of guitar riffs, showcasing the band’s loud/soft dynamic control. A single that hints at the diverse influences to expect on the whole of All Great Bands. Drummer Evan Meindl notes that they hope people “hear how much territory we attempted covering on the record, because it does go a lot of different places.” He notes that one track, “Psychic Emulsion,” is “our heart-on-sleeve ode to Conor Oberst.” He also quotes nods to Insomnia-era Green Day and even an interesting tease of a song titled “Savior Self” being described as “if Spoon were emo.”

The band’s album is due out October 19, 2018, and an October East Coast tour is in the works.

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