Punk Rock Bowling 2017: The Adicts, Discharge, Booze & Glory, Roadside Bombs, and The Quitters, Las Vegas 5/29/17

words by Heela Naqshband | photos by Shahab Zargari | Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Even though it was early, I loved seeing The Quitters give it their all (the only locals on the main stage!). The singer got punched in the face the day before for dancing in the mosh pit (?!), but the bleeding and black eye scored him some punk rock points, right?

Lots of international Oi! bands this day: Wolfpack (Australia), Lion’s Law (France), and Booze & Glory (Britain). But we were most excited to see old school U.K. anarchists Discharge and funhouse jokers, The Adicts, now a PRB staple!

Had a fun weekend checking out new bands, reminiscing with the old, and seeing friends from home and afar. Though it’s cool to witness how much the Punk Rock Bowling & Music Festival has grown the couple decades, as a loyal Las Vegan, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of our local punk scene represented. It’s done a lot of growing up, too, and deserves a little of the spotlight. In any case, I’m definitely looking forward to the big 20 bash next year!

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