Song Premiere: Punch Punch Kick “Licking My Wounds”

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Punch Punch Kick

Punch Punch Kick [L-R]: Ryan Malloy, Reade Pryor, Chris Miranda and Phil McDonald | photo by Olivia Hemaratanatorn

Punch Punch Kick’s self-titled debut LP (out June 2, 2017 via Wyatt Blair’s Lolipop Records) came to fruition over the course of four years. New single and album opener “Licking My Wounds” isn’t a kiss-off for a girl who’s done them wrong, but a coming-of-age anecdote about vocalist Phil McDonald and his wife struggling to stay strong while working crazy hours and barely seeing each other.

With a gigantic hook that captures the immediacy of The Ataris’ So Long, Astoria, shredding harmonized guitar-work, and punchy, driving drums, the tune has the perfect shine of a major label power-pop debut with the crunchy playfulness of a snotty punk record — only this time the punks have grown up. You can stream the exclusive premiere of “Licking My Wounds” above.

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