Song Premiere: Foxholes “Revelations”

Friday, April 21st, 2017
Foxholes - photo by Clark Wegner

Foxholes – photo by Clark Wegner

Foxholes, named for a track off Television’s second album, formed in late August of 2012 through a mixture of preexisting friendships and well-timed Craigslist ads.

The Des Moines five-piece, set to release their self-titled sophomore full-length on May 26, 2017, specializes in straightforward lyrical honesty and a blend of garage-rock and post-punk that pulls in influences like The Replacements, Dinosaur Jr., The Strokes and Iggy Pop.

Premiering today exclusively on is the track “Revelations,” which you can stream above.

“‘Revelations’ was one of the first few songs that we wrote for the record and one that we tinkered around with quite a bit throughout the recording process,” says Trevor Holt. “We’d get mixes back, and it always felt like something was missing, so over time we just kept adding layers of additional instrumentation and overdubs up until that last recording session.

“Lyrically, ‘Revelations’ is kind of a Frankenstein mash-up of lyrics I had for other songs so there was this hodge-podge of ideas that came together in oddly coherent fashion. The initial idea behind the song was about having a “revelation” or moment of clarity after having an out of body experience. I’m not an avid book reader but I love long form journalism, and there were a few different pieces on near-death and out-of-body experiences that steered me in that direction.”

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