Song Premiere: Party Battleship “Theme Song”

Friday, March 10th, 2017
Party Battleship - photo by Daniel Coston

Party Battleship – photo by Daniel Coston

Party Battleship is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based rock and roll consortium of sorts. The four members claim a combined 100 years of experience playing live and include Mid-Atlantic music scene staples such as singer/guitarist Shalini (Kissyfish, Vinyl Devotion, Mitch Easter), singer/guitarist John Morris (Tyre Fyre, Electrolux, Snagglepuss), drummer Donnie Merritt (Lodestar, Mark Crozer and the Rels) and bassist Adam Roth (Bellglide, The Catch Fire).

These guys display a refreshingly authentic brand of rock music embracing tenants of ‘80s and ‘90s power pop, namely loud guitars and melodic rhythms. Eschewing the overproduction common in many contemporary releases, their debut, Cake + Flames, is a celebration of economy of motion, without a wasted note. Cake + Flames is out today and is premiering the Shalini-driven “Theme Song,” which you can stream below.

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