Song Premiere: They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy “Red Blood Green Grass”

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

They Say The Wind Made Them Crazy

Experimental Texas duo They Say the Wind Made Them Crazy, featuring Sarah Ruth Alexander and Gregg Prickett, create avant-garde folk music with wordless vocals, distortion, drone, nerve rattling low end, classical guitar and storytelling segments. Alexander performs on hammer dulcimer, harmonium, recorder, bells, vocals, and effects, while Prickett performs electric and acoustic guitar, upright bass, cedar flute, and shakers.

The band’s debut album, Far From the Silvery Light, was recorded live at Klearlight Studio in the summer of 2015 and was engineered by Jimi Bowman (and Billy Anderson, who engineered the track “Tseena”). It will be released digitally and on vinyl in July 2016. The album’s ninth track, “Red Blood Green Grass,” is premiering today at, and you can stream it below.

Sarah and Gregg had this to say about the track: “‘Red Blood Green Grass’ begins as a dedication to any living being who has died on the plains to be food and/or shelter for another being but grows to encompass the dichotomy of animals dying and so feeding one another as opposed to those beings who died from cultural conflict such as war. The simplistic version could be stated as animals dying and killing versus humans dying and killing and the collision in more recent times of these two spheres.

“The piece itself was completely improvised with little or no discussion regarding how the piece would progress and is the first in a succession of three improv pieces that were performed one after another in the studio with no overdubs. For ‘Red Blood Green Grass’ (as well as the other songs recorded at that moment) we felt that the immediacy of improvising in that way was the best method to get that concept across.”

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