Photos: Kaiju Big Battel and WrestleCon, Dallas 2016

photos by Mars Varela | Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

Verbicide contributor Mars Varela hit Dallas, Texas, during Wrestlemania weekend with her friend Frank Gibson (one of the contributors to Muscle Temple, a printed collection of wrestling comics) to check out the festivities. She had a blast covering Kaiju Big Battel and WrestleCon.

“We went to Kaiju Big Battel Friday at midnight,” Varela relayed. “Bryan Mann beat-boxed for the crowd. The wrestlers were well matched and had excellent costumes. At the end of the evening, a super-famous guy named Kota Ibushi came out during the final match. He was disguised as a bad guy! Ibushi fought an empty costume, and the crowd lost their minds.

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“Saturday was a blur. I went to two WrestleCon shows, and was, honestly, extremely overwhelmed by guys and gals with fantastic moves and muscles. This was my first experience with wrestling (I’ve never even watched it on TV), and I loved it!”

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