20 Questions: Madrox and Monoxide of Twiztid

Sunday, March 13th, 2016


“20 Questions With Verbicide” is an interview series in which an artist is handed a list of more than 100 questions and they select 20 from the list they would like to answer.

Twiztid, a duo that’s been performing and touring together since 1997, have been around the block, literally. In March and April 2016, the group is heading out on the Juggalo Invasion Tour, a spectacle we’ve heard is worthy of the inevitable contact high. Check out our interview that includes their opinions on charity, childhood stuffed animals, and what they’re most proud of.


What band or performer would you love to see, but haven’t yet?

Hands down, the answer would be KISS. I’ve been a fan since I was seven years old. I’ve always wanted to see them live, but sadly it never happened. And now that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are no longer performing with Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, it’s possible that I may never see “my” KISS perform live in concert — although I still may be able to see Gene and Paul with Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer, aka the “new” Cat and Spaceman. (laughter) But we’ll see what happens.

What was the first album you ever bought? What format was it in? Do you still have it?

The first album I ever purchased with my own hard-earned allowance — yes, I’m being sarcastic — was Run-DMC Raising Hell back in 1986. I caught the bus to the mall with Monoxide and the R.O.C. and purchased it on cassette from Harmony House. Although I had heard The Skinny Boys “Jockbox” and a few other songs, Run-DMC Raising Hell was more or less my first real introduction into rap music.

I owe a lot to both Joseph Simmons and Darryl McDaniels and that record they released back in ’86… it may just be one of the very catalysts to why I do what I do today. As far as do I still have it — of course not, my car got broken into like every other week in the hood, and they took my radio, speakers, and all my tapes each and every time.

Did you have a favorite stuffed animal as a child? What was it?

Sure did…it was a Muppet Show Scooter from Fisher-Price. I took that damn thing everywhere I could. He had these heavy rubber high top shoes that could arguably be used as a weapon if needed, but yeah, Scooter was my jam. I loved that ninja — real talk!

What’s your favorite scary movie of all time not based on a novel by Stephen King?

That’s easy, John Carpenter’s Halloween! The 1978 classic screen play by Carpenter and Debra Hill is iconic and still holds up today after almost 38 years. It and Halloween 2 by Carpenter and Hill again are both on my top 10 list.

Which social media site do you use/like the most? How can people find/follow you?

It’s a toss up for me between Twitter and Instagram. I enjoy them both a lot, but if I had to pick I guess I would go with Twitter. I’m on there most of the time, and if you would like to join in on the conversations or follow some of my brother Monoxide and my inane comments, etc., you can do so by visiting @tweetmesohard.

What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

General Mills Monster Marshmallow classic Franken Berry.

What’s is your favorite charity? What causes do you support?

Probably St. Jude Children’s Hospital. That has to be my favorite charity. There’s something to be said about seeing those children. They are so brave, facing things — illnesses that would bring a grown man to his knees in tears — and they fight on with the spirits of soldiers. God bless them all, it’s not their fault they were dealt the hand life dealt them. It’s simply not fair, but that is life. I always make it a point to donate to them.

As far as other charitable organizations I would have to say Michigan Humane Society. Animals fall into that same category. I donate to them on behalf of my fallen Lab, Satina. She was my bestest big dog in the fucking world! So yeah, we make it a point to spread love!

What’s your favorite comic book?

Most people would be quick to scream Batman — and yes, I gots nothing but love for the Caped Crusader — that said, my favorite comic would have to be the only comic title I ever read consistently in my life which would be Todd McFarland’s Spawn. When it originally came out I read each and every issue of the series up to like issue 35 or something. (laughter)

How many tattoos do you have?

I love tattoos so thankfully the answer is more than I can count. (laughter)

The artistry of tattooing has come a long way since my first tat, and the technique and education about tattooing is an ever-growing industry that amazing me. I remain captivated and aspire to get more even better tattoos than I already have, if that’s even possible.

Do you believe in magic?

I suppose I do. Why not? Miracles, spectacles of questionable reality are what makes us all have hope, right? Is it not the possibility of amazing outcomes, i.e., magic that’s the very fabric that most religious beliefs are based on…

Okay, I’ll stop. Yes, I believe in magic.


What’s your favorite website?

My favorite website is xvideos. It’s my favorite because it’s free porn. ‘Nuff said. (laughter)

Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper?

Ryan Reynolds, because he seems like if he insulted me I would laugh at it, but if Brad Cooper said the exact same joke I’d rip his throat out. Cooper seems like he might be a little too full of his own BS right now. (laughter)

What is your favorite film of all time?

My favorite film of all time has to be House Party starring the one and only Kid ‘n Play! It is the feel-good party movie that I can relate to still — to this day. I grew up in an insanely rough part of Detroit, so that movie showed me a different side of 8 Mile, so to speak.

What is something people love that you absolutely hate?

I hate smoking cigarettes! I know, I smoked forever, but haven’t touched a smoke in five years, so my process is different. I apologized to everyone I was around for smelling like that. It literally makes me gag. (laughter)

Playstation or Xbox? (Or Nintendo Wii U FTW.)

I’m an Xbox guy, but I have every gaming system that’s come out in the last 15 years. Huge gamer, I am. For me, Xbox does it the best. I’m a Madden and COD rider to the end.

What is your favorite film based on a novel by Stephen King?

Dreamcatcher is my favorite Stephen King movie. Hoping it was adapted from a novel of his, but not a big book reader, so just kind of winging it here. (laughter) The movie is a bizarre ride of psychological possession and aliens! Awesome!

What is a memory from grade school that stuck?

I got beat up by my third grade teacher. I saw a fifth grade substitute teacher smack a girl (Patricia Vessells, I’ll never forget her name because of this) in the face so hard her blood splattered all over me. Broke her nose. I saw the police dragging the teacher out of school in cuffs while she’s screaming at me, “TELL THEM I DIDN’T DO IT. TELL THEM IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.” I did not.

What is your prized possession?

My most prized possession, without a doubt, are my kids! The world ain’t ready for the children of Twiztid, hahaha.

California or Florida – which one do you think will be first to be devastated by natural disasters?

I hope it’s Florida! The authorities are absolutely the worst there. They have some fine people living there, I’m sure, but from my experiences it is not for me.

In your eyes, what is your biggest accomplishment in life?

Creating something from nothing. Be it children, a career, or just life in general. We have the ability to make it work and make it work well. We don’t take anything for granted, ever.

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