ARABROT – You Bunch Of Idiots

reviewed by Thomas Pizzola | Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Arabrot "You Bunch Of Idiots"Arabrot have developed quite the following in Europe, where their devastating noise rock assault has made them into a must-see live act. In addition, they won a Norwegian Grammy for an album called Solar Anus, proving that people in Europe have a much wider definition of what is considered loud rock. You wouldn’t see that happening over here for a whole variety of reasons.

To date, the band’s profile in the United States isn’t that high – releases have been hard to come by, and Arabrot rarely comes here to tour.

Well, that is all about to change, as Eolian Empire is about to release the band’s first official United States release in this EP, and the band is undertaking a major US tour starting in late June 2015.

Those not familiar with them will find a new favorite band after listening to this record. It showcases what the band does best: making music that is noisy and out of left-field, infused with a dark sense of humor. It opens with the darkly humorous spoken word track “Cannibal Manifesto,” which goes straight into the noisy, dynamic rock of “Time To Pull The Stakes.” From there, “Celebration” establishes an ominous tone, switching between quieter parts and louder ones, before a false ending leads to a thunderous wall of fuzz. “Mea Culpa” has an almost dance-worthy swing to it to go along with the sturm und drang of the guitars. “It’s Hot Drop It” adds some ethereal female vocals to the mix.

You Bunch Of Idiots is an excellent addition to the band’s catalog and should introduce them to a bunch of new fans. Hopefully, the release of this album will mean that we’ll get more releases from them on this side of the pond in the future.

(Eolian Empire, PO Box 42073, Portland, OR 97242)

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