10 Bands We Are Bummed We Missed at SXSW 2015

words by Cassie Purtlebaugh and Chad Elder | Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Chad Elder and Cassie Purtlebaugh covered a huge amount of bands at SXSW 2015 for VerbicideMagazine.com. But still, even after catching no less than 40 bands over a week’s time, the duo left Austin regretting the missed opportunity to take in a few more performances.

You’ve seen who they captured on film — now check out who they missed.


1. Tove Lo

Tove Lo | photo courtesy The Windish Agency

I’ve been playing her album for eternity now. We made the hike to the West Side of Austin, but the Rolling Stone Showcase wasn’t an official SXSW party. Therefore, they had the luxury of being a bit fascist about their no-camera policy. LISTEN

2. Snow Tha Product

Snow Tha Product | photo courtesy Atlantic Records

I’m a longtime fan of this female Hispanic rapper from the Bay Area, but have never seen her. Since the venue was running late in starting the show, we left for 30 minutes to catch another act. I deeply regret this, because upon return we were barred entrance. Part of me died as I heard her spit mad flow from outside the performance space. LISTEN

3. James Davis

James Davis

I stumbled across sibling trio James Davis while scanning the SXSW list — I loved the song “Co-Pilot.” I tried to make it to the Spotify House for their performance, but wasn’t able to pull it off. Luckily for me, James Davis is based out of LA, so I’ll make it up to myself. LISTEN

4. SZA


A laid back artist I’ve been listening to a lot lately — again, I was gunning for her early set at the Spotify House, but couldn’t make it. LISTEN

5. Rae Sremmurd

Rae Sremmurd

My desire to see this hip-hop duo was based largely on curiosity and the current hype surrounding them. But every time they played, I encountered a long trek and longer lines — there was simply not enough incentive to weather the challenges, but I’m still bummed. LISTEN


1. Ho99o9

Ho99o9 | photo courtesy Biz3

Ho99o9 seemed to be on our list of bands to see every day, something always kept it from happening. Also, misinterpreting the schedule and showing up for a Ho99o9 show on the wrong day at the wrong time didn’t help. My bad. LISTEN

2. Torres


Torres was on my to-see list, and I really enjoyed the published photos I saw of her, so I feel I missed out. LISTEN

3. Wild Party

Wild Party

Sometimes bands lose out because I have recently seen them, and am so stoked on their next tour that I expect to see them again very soon. LISTEN

4. Dear Boy

Dear Boy | photo courtesy of the band's Facebook page

I am sorry, Dear Boy and Buzz Bands LA. Instead of getting the address for the 2015 Buzz Bands LA Showcase, Google showed me the address for the 2012 Showcase. We were at the wrong address at the right time, miles from where Dear Boy was actually playing. LISTEN

5. Kim and the Created

Kim and the Created | photo courtesy of the band's Bandcamp page

Super energy I could have used at 1 a.m. some night. LISTEN

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