SXSW 2015: Eternal Sleep, Outline In Color, Elliphant, Olivver the Kid, Young Ejecta, Marina & The Diamonds, 3/20/15

photos by Chad Elder | words by Cassie Purtlebaugh | Saturday, March 21st, 2015

We started the evening of Friday, March 20th at a New England Metal show hosted by Damage Records, an event that took place on the street in a makeshift tent venue. Inside the tent it was cold, damp, and half-full, and I quickly realized I was one of the only girls in this hardcore haven.

Eternal Sleep, a four-piece from Pittsburgh, played while the pit thrashed. Afterwards, Outline In Color, a six-piece screamo band from Oklahoma, crammed onto the tiny stage. Once they started they dived right into driving guitars, double-bass, and breakdowns peppered with electronic backing beats. I enjoyed the fact that there was both a screamer and singer, though the majority of the crowd did not seem to agree. What a shame — this band would be better enjoyed by fans of A Skylit Drive, Jamie’s Elsewhere, and Dream On Dreamer.

Next, we switched genres and headed to the The Main for the Mad Decent x Jeffrees showcase. As soon as we walked in, we entered a half-open room in an abandoned warehouse blanketed with graffiti art. We killed time and listened to the DJs mesmerize the room and watched the lights change with every build and drop.

By the time 10 o’clock rolled around, Elliphant’s crew, adorned in boxing robes, began to set up. Soon the DJ started and the Swedish rapper/singer took the stage in her robe and greeted the room with a raspy voice. During her lively performance she appeared relaxed and eclectic, traits reflected in her music. Her songs bleed a lot of styles, including reggae, which kept the crowd moving.

Afterward, we stopped at the Gibson Room at Maggie Mae’s to kill time and catch LA-based electronic act Olivver the Kid, the solo project of the Neighbourhood’s former drummer Bryan Sammis. Olivver played on a dark, unlit stage (based upon his request) to a fairly empty room. However, due to sound issues, his set was cut short.

Our next stop was Cheer Up Charlie’s, where we first caught Young Ejecta, a synth-pop act from New York playing to a small crowd in the drizzling rain.  Leanne Maccomber maintained a chill atmosphere, all the while displaying her quirky stage presence, crawling like a bug along the ground and feigning climbing across imaginary objects.

At Stubb’s BBQ, our final destination of the evening, we arrived to see Marina & The Diamonds performing as part of the Soundexchange showcase. Unfortunately, the venue was plagued with sound issues that set the performance back by more than an hour. But as 1:30 rolled around, there was still a decent-sized crowd waiting patiently, singing in unison. Finally, Marina entered the stage and everyone cheered wildly. She jumped right into her highly energetic pop tune “Bubble Gum Bitch” and the crowd bobbed along. The drizzle continued, but the audience hung in, excited and engaged.

Chad Elder is a Los Angeles-based photographer who focuses on live music and band portraits. Cassie Purtlebaugh is a writer and musician in Los Angeles.

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