SXSW 2015: Kaneholler at Maggie Mae’s Paradigm Showcase, 3/18/15

photos by Chad Elder | words by Cassie Purtlebaugh | Friday, March 20th, 2015

For our last stop on the evening of March 18th, we strolled into the multi-level, open-aired venue Maggie Mae’s. It was an unplanned stop; however, being open-minded and going with the flow can lead to some of the best surprises.

Shortly after entering, we located electro-soul duo Kaneholler. The crowd was small, but nearly everyone was cheering and dancing along. At this point, my body was physically crapping out due to poor footwear choices, but if I wasn’t dying, I’d have joined in on the party. Overall, the duo does a wonderful job at tying Chelsea Tyler’s soulful voice into a contemporary electropop soundscape that wavers from moody and soulful, to energetic and dance-y. Her vocal style and variety gives BANKS a run for her money, while on occasion her partner Jon Foster jumps into the lead vocal slot to break up the routine. If you care to catch them live, which I’d suggest, they are currently on tour with The Ting Tings.

Chad Elder is a Los Angeles-based photographer who focuses on live music and band portraits. Cassie Purtlebaugh is a writer and musician in Los Angeles.

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