reviewed by Thomas Pizzola | Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Sandrider + KinskiAt first, this would seem like an odd pairing of bands for a split, with Sandrider‘s more aggro tendencies clashing a bit with the more psychedelic-influenced music of Kinski. But if you think about it, it makes perfect sense for a variety of reasons.

Seattle has always been a town that has worshiped punk and metal in equal amounts. In fact, some of their best-known bands have managed to dip from both of these wells for inspiration. Sandrider might be the more “traditional” sounding Seattle band, with their mixture of punk and metal, but Kinski is right there with them, though their metallic influences go back a little further to hard rock or heavy psych. Regardless, there is definitely a punk rock spirit in what they do.

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Sandrider opens with “Rain,” which starts off with a twisted noisy riff, fades out, and then builds back up with a heavy riff and some start-stop rhythms. “Glaive” goes fast and math-y to start, but then ends on a noisy doom-like trawl. They also throw in a cover of “Mountain Song” by Jane’s Addiction, giving it a more muscular and in-your-face run-through than the original.

The Kinski side opens with “Beyond In Touch With My Feminine Side,” which features a repeated, hypnotic, fuzzed-out riff before giving way to some heavier parts — as well as some vocals, which is rare for them. “The Narcotic Comforts Of The Status Quo” starts off with the fading in and out of feedback, throwing in a bit of a solo before giving way to a hard-charging fuzz riff and more solos.

This split is a reminder of the diversity and quality of the Seattle music scene. Both bands rip in their own special ways.

(Good To Die Records, PO Box 70251, Seattle, WA 98127)

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