MOAB – Scion AV Presents Billow

reviewed by Thomas Pizzola | Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Moab "Billow"

In 2011, Moab released an excellent debut album Ab Ovo on Kemado, which doesn’t exist anymore. For their equally excellent follow up Billow, they have chosen to release it as a free download on the Scion AV site, with vinyl and CD versions coming very soon.

Moab have refined their sound a bit, allowing for more of a psychedelic rock influence to show through on many of the songs. Don’t worry there is still plenty of fuzzy, driving hard rock that splits the difference between Black Sabbath and Queens Of The Stone Age. In addition vocalist/guitarist Andrew Giacumakis falsetto is in fine form.

Opener “Burn Maria” lets those new psychedelic accents show through at its beginning, which begins ethereal, gets incessant, and then ends quietly. “Made To Wait” pushes a more aggressive agenda, while “I Concede” features a killer monolithic riff and nice sense of stomp. “Nothing Escapes” is a shimmering gem of trippy psychedelic rock, while “The Softest Bait” starts quiet and then gets very loud before coming full circle to its gentle beginning. “Whittled Away” is a strutting, cowbell-laden burst of fuzzed-out rock.

Moab have stepped up their game and released a nice slice of riff rock that should appeal to people who like it loud and hazy.

(Scion AV, no address provided)