reviewed by Thomas Pizzola | Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Jimmy Junk Bird and the Stiffs "Bird Brains"This four-piece band from Connecticut, which is made up of various respected and veteran members of the local loud rock scene, play a spirited form of metal that splices together many different sub-genres into a quirky, hard-hitting hybrid. In addition, they benefit from the left-field lyrics of lead vocalist Chris Baldwin, which just add to the strangeness on display.

Beside writing the lyrics, Baldwin turns in a bravura performance behind the mic, managing able to switch from a croon to a scream and everywhere in between, coming off like a mini-Mike Patton. It also must be noted that guitarist Carlos Barrios, bassist Jessie May, and drummer Jim Clegg handle all the twists and turns in the music effortlessly. For example, the twisted lesson in tolerance which is “Skinhead Punk Goes To The Mississippi Delta” switches between snarling hardcore punk and a more mid-paced churn at the drop of a hat. “Absolute Zero” opens quietly building to a thud, with Baldwin’s vocals going from grunts to high-pitched squeals. Barrios also throws in a ripping guitar solo for good measure. “Stuffed Maggots” features more insane vocal gymnastics from Baldwin and changes pace and tempo several times for great effect.

This EP provides a nice snapshot of a band that is willing to follow their own muse. It provides a sweet dose of left-field metal, that should win over people who like their loud rock with a little quirk.

(self-released, no address provided)

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