15 Celebrities in Commercials Before They Were Famous

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Elijah Wood sells cheese

We all have to start somewhere, right? Few people realize that back in 1999,¬†Verbicide started out as a cut-and-paste fanzine. Now we’re a thriving entertainment website! Okay, maybe not “thriving,” but…well…hm.

Most actors also have humble beginnings. While it can be hard to imagine¬†Brad Pitt or Keanu Reeves trying to sell us potato chips and corn flakes, these roles were their stepping stones. And they’re hardly alone — here are 15 movie stars in television commercials, long before they became household names.

Jack Black, Pitfall! Atari Game

Pitfall! was an incredibly difficult video game, but a young Jack Black seemed to enjoy it. I wonder if he still has that hat?

Christian Bale, Pac-Man Cereal

Pac-Man Cereal was one of the best sugary cereals of the 1980s. And if you don’t blink, you can see Christian Bale here in one of his earliest roles.

Brad Pitt, Pringles

Apparently, running out of Pringles overheats your carburetor, but if you carry around a satchel full of Pringles, your car will be stolen. You can’t win when it comes to Pringles.

Lindsay Lohan, Jello

This mid-’90s commercial may feature Lindsay Lohan, but the real star here is Bill Cosby and his dope rhymes.

Elijah Wood, America’s Dairy Farmers

So you’re telling me that if I want to get my finicky kid to eat his vegetables, all I have to do is smother them in gobs of bright orange nacho cheese sauce?

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