DEADKILL – No, Never!

reviewed by Thomas Pizzola | Saturday, January 11th, 2014

Deadkill "No Never"These punk ‘n roll miscreants from Seattle have followed up their excellent debut seven-inch with a full length that delivers 14 primo screes of high-energy punk rock. It doesn’t just live up to the expectations set by their debut — it obliterates them. Simply put, this is one of the better punk rock records you are likely to hear this year. It can stand toe-to-toe with releases from bigger bands on bigger labels.

The band has many factors working in their favor. First, they write simple, dynamic, and catchy songs. Then they play these songs with an attitude and energy that pushes them into the red. This truly sounds like, as one of the band members stated in a recent interview, “hardcore guys playing rock ‘n roll.” Finally, they have a lead singer in Bryan Krieger, whose vocals provide the right type of rock guy craziness and intensity that is hard to beat. Altogether, it adds up to one killer release.

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“Orpheus” opens with chiming chords and a high-energy pace that sets the tone for the record. “Banks Of The West” adds a catchy shouted chorus to the mix, and changes pace with a slower part toward its finish. “Ghost Out” kicks it up a notch, while “Kentucky Fried” is one of the catchiest songs on a record filled entirely with memorable songs. “Shakes” is as choppy and manic as its title, while “Kill It Dead” and “Border Line” push the songs into d-beaty, Motorhead-style loud rock. “Party Fight” could be tongue-in-cheek, but it’s one of the best drunk, trashy punk anthems you are likely to hear all year. Closer “The Desert” works a nice mid-paced groove and sounds like the kind of stoner punk that used to come out of the high desert in California.

Though it may be early in the year, this is easily one of the best loud rock records you are likely to hear. I have a feeling it will be making it onto my “best of” list 11 months from now.

(Good To Die Records, PO Box 70251, Seattle, WA 98127)

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