Interview: Max Frost

words and photo by JEALEXphoto/Jessica Alexander
| Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Max Frost, photo by Jessica Alexander (JEALEX Photo)Recently signed to Atlantic Records, Austinite Max Frost knows exactly where he came from and where he is going. Never mind that he labels himself a blues-playing guitar player who sings with a soulful voice and also produces hip-hop — this 21-year-old multi-instrumentalist creates music that has a retro feel and yet still feels modern. Jessica Alexander was able to meet up with him during Austin City Limits Festival 2013 to learn more about this multi-talented songwriting musician.

Signing to Atlantic Records is a huge deal. Congratulations are definitely in order.

Thank you! Everything has definitely happened so fast, and I have to credit the music website SoundCloud and the internet in general for helping build buzz about my new upcoming EP, as well as the single “White Lies.”

You were a student studying English at year ago at University of Texas.

It just wasn’t for me. I was making music alone, recording all of my own tracks, and school just wasn’t working out. I have been playing music here in Austin since I was 12 with locals such as Bob Schneider and decided, “Now is my time.”

The use of hi-fi and lo-fi throughout your upcoming EP Low High Low is a welcome change of pace to the ears.

These are modern songs, but with an old-school feel. I love how elements of this record are juxtaposed together. It’s a dynamic and emotional release, and I will further explore these ideas with my full-length album set to be released in spring 2014.

My understanding is that you record all of your tracks alone. Tell us how working with a band changes the way you work or think as a musician.

I am still able to make my own statement with my own backing band. I tend to prefer co-creation for making music, but I am still very much able to keep my own voice when working with others.

Max Frost’s first EP release, Low High Low, comes out Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

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