Interview: Latasha Lee

words and photo by JEALEXphoto/Jessica Alexander
| Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Latasha Lee, photo by Jessica Alexander (JEALEX Photo)A soul revival is exactly what Austinite and singer Latasha Lee feels is happening in 2013, bringing music and people together in a way she has never before experienced in her music career. With the backing of her recently formed band, The Blackties, Latasha essentially opened Austin City Limits Festival 2013 with a dynamic and energetic performance early Friday morning. Jessica Alexander was able to meet up with the 28-year-old native Texan and learn more about her and first-ever festival experience ever.

Is this true that this is your first festival? We know you have been writing music with the assistance of a producer the past eight years or so.

That’s correct! I actually had never been to a festival or even performed at one! I’m a little wide-eyed about the experience, but it’s been amazing so far. I love the fact I am able to catch up with friends and musicians from all over at one time. Also, my producer, Salih Williams, has been my guiding light and inspirational partner throughout this entire journey. He has taught me the ropes and helped mold me into the woman and musician I am today. This experience was meant to be.

As you mentioned, you feel a soul revival is happening right now. Tell us how this movement is helping form your place in the music world.

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I will never tire listening to Amy Whitehouse and how she made a classic sound both modern and current. Etta and Otis are artists that I continually hear in my fellow colleagues’ music — absolutely timeless, beautiful music. And make sure you check out Aaradhna, based out of New Zealand. She is making some amazing, catchy music right now, and I see myself collaborating with her in the near future.

The Blackties are a new part of Latasha Lee.

They are — they absolutely have transformed my live performance over the past eight months!  It really takes me there and it is such a wonderful feeling having some of my closest friends and family with me on stage. It makes me feel so alive. The horns just take my breath away sometimes and then I remember I still need to sing and perform!

I have been told you make a mean eggs frittata.

Is it dinner time yet? I am a huge foodie! Honestly, if I wasn’t a musician, I would be a chef. I still plan on doing this. I would love “MTV Cribs” to roll up to my pad in a few years and me have a full five course dinner laid out. Frittata for dinner — I see that!

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