Watch Dave Chappelle Have an Onstage Meltdown in Hartford, Connecticut

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Dave Chappelle

After eight years staying largely out of the spotlight, performing only the occasional small show, Dave Chappelle is stepping back into the mainstream by headlining the¬†Funny or Die Oddball Festival. Unfortunately, four days in, Chappelle doesn’t seem to be doing so well.

Apparently, on August 29, 2013, the heckling in Hartford, Connecticut was too much for him to overcome, and an incredibly awkward situation played out. Several minutes into his routine, Chappelle stopped telling jokes and made uncomfortable chit-chat, read a book that someone handed him, and sat on a stool and smoked cigarettes, telling the crowd to go home, look in the mirror, and boo themselves.

Anyway, watch the crowd videos below, and bring on the amateur psychoanalysis!

(via The Laugh Button)

  • beingewert

    are you kidding me, do you hear how fucking ridiculous that crowd is? i’m surprised he didn’t burn the place down and barricade the doors.

    • kingdo goodbomber

      They weren’t comedy fans going to see stand up comic Dave Chappelle they were d-bags going to see Dave Chappelle from Comedy Central’s Chappelle Show and made a spectacle accordingly.

  • Guest

    Dave is the Beatles of comedy.

  • ethan shipley

    the crowd was normal. I was there. its not the same old dave I used to love. It was like watching his career die in front of my eyes. very very sad.

    • kingdo goodbomber


      Real Chappelle fans have actually read interviews where he voices his biggest frustration: Loudmouthed fans who won’t STFU during his set yelling “I love you” and “Rick James” while he wants to put out new material.

      The crowd was just a bunch of d-bags who went to go see “Dave Chappelle from Comedy Central’s Chappelle Show” and made a spectacle of it, not fans of stand up comedy who went to see Stand Up Comedian Dave Chappelle. If they were true comedy fans they would know rule #1: If you aren’t laughing or clapping then STFU!!!!

  • beingewert

    I saw Chappelle shortly before he ducked outta site a few years ago and this was the same type of crowd. luckily, when i saw him he was more into the back and forth banter with the fans and he was as sharp as ever, but you could tell it was really weighing on him having to perform in front of a bunch of people that are rude and generally people he wouldn’t like anyway.

  • Annonymous

    That crowd shouldve just gone home and fucked itself. If I were Dave I never would have agreed to telling jokes in front of a crowd as ridiculously under educated and retarded as those in Ohio. That place is a shit hole. Sorry Dave, you’re still awesome.