RIP Torr Skoog, Vocalist of Kings of Nuthin’

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Torr Skoog of Kings of Nuthin'

UPDATE, 6/12: Skoog’s death has been ruled a suicide. Click here for more information.

UPDATE, 6/10: Zack Brines of Kings of Nuthin’ has posted regarding Skoog’s death on the band’s Facebook page:

As you may have heard we’re mourning the loss of Torr Skoog, the best friend, bandmate, lifeline, and inspiration that anyone could hope to have. Our hearts go out to the Skoog family, the extended KON family, and friends everywhere who understand how lucky we all were to have him in our lives. -Zack

Original post, 6/9: While details are scarce regarding the circumstances, word is quickly spreading around the Internet that Torr Skoog, vocalist of the Boston-based punk rock band Kings of Nuthin’, died yesterday, June 8, 2013. Little specific information is available; however, tributes have poured out from a variety of friends and fans, including this note from Mark Lind of The Ducky Boys:

“Word is breaking all over the internet that Torr Skoog from The Kings of Nuthin is sadly no longer with us. I wish it wasn’t true but it’s coming from reliable sources.

Although he has made himself scarce in the past few years, our community is short one brilliant poet, artist, entertainer and just an all around good guy today. I haven’t seen Torr in 5 years or more and even at that, we were casual acquaintances through this music thing. But today is a sad day because I know this guy…. I know him because I listen to his albums and he shares himself in his songs. I know his back story and I know what made him tick. That’s what a brave and brilliant artist does; they make you feel like you know them beyond the scope of your real relationship. And damnit, Torr was really fucking good at that.

He has close friends, family and loved ones that are feeling a profound sense of loss that I can’t possibly comprehend. And there are no words to comfort them. Hopefully in time they can find peace. Hopefully they all know that he meant a lot to many of us and he’ll live forever with us in the sound of his music and in the hearts of those he touched and entertained.

RIP, dude. Your irreplaceable personality and unmistakable voice will be missed by many, many, many people.”

Will post more info as it becomes available.


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