Nine “Vintage” Album Covers From “Arrested Development”

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

As you likely know, “Arrested Development” is returning for a fourth season on May 26, 2013. And in anticipation, designer Josh Cox has celebrated the return of the show by creating amazing vintage record covers for each Bluth family member. Cox was inspired by Ty Mattson’s vintage “Homeland” covers project.

Buster Bluth: "The Loose Seal, Lucille, and Lucille"

George Bluth "There's Always Money In the Banana Stand"

George Michael Bluth "Awkward & Quirky Love Songs"

Gob & Franklin "It Ain't Easy Being White, It Ain't Easy Being Brown"

Lindsay Bluth-Funke "Chi-Chaw Chi-Chaw Chi-Chaw"

Maeby Funke "Call Me Maeby, Call Me Surely"

Michael Bluth "Songs for Hop-Ons"

Tobias Funke "I'm Afraid I Just Blue Myself"

(via Buzzfeed)

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