BROKEN ANATOMY – Three Nightmares From an Unremembered Age

reviewed by Thomas Pizzola | Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Broken Anatomy "Three Nightmares From an Unremembered Age"This is pure, good old-fashioned nightmare fuel. If you want some music to ruin your good mood, then this one will definitely do the trick, because this one-woman funeral doom project brings a bleak and suffocating mood to a genre that makes it’s reputation on bleak and suffocating moods. On top of this, the supposedly nice woman who performs this possesses one of the most feral, disturbing death growls you are likely to hear. It’s tortured, forlorn and very disturbing. Also, the production is a lot clearer (not cleaner, there is a difference) than past Broken Anatomy releases, allowing for a punchier sound and making sure you wallow in the misery even more.

“With More Intensity Than The Sun” is a bleak 13-minute journey that takes you straight to the heart of darkness. It starts out with synths which give way to a simple, almost industrial drum beat that are eventually consumed by a mega-distorted and down-tuned guitar and some hellacious shrieks and growls. Eventually, it fades out but comes back two more times even more monstrous than previously.

While this first track is an epic in terms of scope on running length, the next two tracks offer a more condensed form of misery. The title track is claustrophobic and drones with some minor key gloom and a hefty riff at the end. “The Destruction Of Something Beautiful” adds some ripping lead guitar to the muck and distortion.

With this EP, Broken Anatomy has started to make good on the promise of earlier, rawer tracks. This shows a definite progression and should be no-brainer music for people who like it loud, slow, and sad.

(self-released, no address provided)

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