Melvins Announce New Covers Album “Everybody Loves Sausages” to Be Released April 30, 2013

Monday, February 11th, 2013
Melvins photo by Jammi York

Melvins photo by Jammi York

The Melvins have announced a forthcoming album comprised entirely of covers entitled Everybody Loves Sausages. The 13-track album features covers from various bands including Queen and The Jam, and will be released via Ipecac Recordings.

Guitarist Buzz Osborne said Everybody Loves Sausages gives listeners an insight into the band’s musical tastes:

“This record will give people a peak into the kind of things that influence us musically,” he said. “We really like all of these songs along with the bands who actually wrote this stuff because first and foremost we are huge music fans.”

This album is a follow-up of sorts to the “Melvins Lite” 2012 release Freak Puke.

(via For the Love of Punk)

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