Cro-Mags Founder Harley Flanagan Stabs, Bites New Band Members at Webster Hall

Monday, July 9th, 2012
photo by Dave Gustav/

Harley Flanagan is wheeled away by police. Photo by Dave Gustav,

Harley Flanagan, a founding member of the Cro-Mags who was not included in the band’s recent reformation, attacked two of the group’s current members with a hunting knife in a dressing room before a show at Webster Hall on Friday evening, July 6, 2012.

At approximately 8:15, the band’s former bassist Flanagan, 42, stormed the VIP balcony section of Webster Hall in New York.

“Someone was yelling, ‘Get his hands, get his hands, he’s got a knife!’ ” witness Dave Gustav said. “Everything went nuts.”

Flanagan eventually made his way to the dressing room just before the band was to take the stage, and attacked William Berario, 45, who was slashed above the eye and bitten on his cheek, and Michael Couls, 33 (the band’s current bassist), who was cut on his arm and stomach.

Both members of Cro-Mags were taken to Bellevue Hospital with non life-threatening wounds. Flanagan, whose leg was broken during the melee, was also taken to the hospital. He was hit with two counts of 2nd degree assault and weapons charge.

The incident forced Webster Hall to cancel the show, which was part of the CBGB Festival, and also featured the band Sick of It All.

“You can all thank Harley Flanagan for ruining the night for everyone,” Cro-Mags lead singer John Joseph McGowan told the crowd. (via New York Post, Dying Scene)

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