Verbicide Select Mixtape Volume 10

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Verbicide Select Vol. 10The legend is well known, but it bears repeating. Back when the moon shined deep purple and the land was was soaked in blood, there arose a hero. He was not of this Earth, born of rock and clay, but possessing the heart and determination of a man. He walked the earth in search anything that could give his life meaning, carrying a lifetime of woe on his misshapen shoulders. He wept as he stumbled, perilously balanced on the black cliffs of the mind that threaten to engulf us all.

It was then that he met her. It was there that he found true love. And filled with new purpose, this hero rained death upon his enemies in order to protect her. They say he fought for a thousand years, bruised and bloodied until his rocky skin became nothing more than dust and whispers. And even then, it wasn’t enough. When she died in his arms, he felt his world turn black. And it was in those bleak moments that he decided to create a monument to her love; the perfect expression of his undying devotion. He ran to the highest mountain, pulled out a blank CD, and burned her a mixtape before leaping to his death.

Verbicide Select 10 is that mixtape.

John Vournakis and Home Body as a testament to her porcelain skin. Eamon McGrath because she loved the smell of the Irish countryside. Ty Segall because seagulls kick ass. And the rest because she loved music that doesn’t suck. Basically, everything you need to remember the only woman who made your life worth living. Don’t let her die for nothing. Download this mixtape, sob uncontrollably, and then leap into the wintry chasm below.

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1. John Vournakis
“Little Detroit”
Previously unreleased
Courtesy of John Vournakis

2. Home Body
From the EP Fire Places
Courtesy of Home Body

3. Le Butcherettes
“New York”
From the album Sin Sin Sin
Courtesy of Rodriguez Lopez Productions

4. Busdriver
“No Blacks No Jews No Asians”
From the album Beaus$Eros
Courtesy of Fake Four Inc.

5. Realistic
“Token Gestures”
From the album Drowned In Meaning
Courtesy of  Blackmail Electronics

6. Kaia
“The Night Was On to Me”
From the album Two Adult Women in Love
Courtesy of Jealous Butcher Records

7. Emily Jane White
“Requiem Waltz”
From the album Ode to Sentience
Courtesy of Antenna Farm Records

8. Eamon McGrath
From the album Young Canadians
Courtesy of White Whale Records

9. Tycho
“Dive (Radio Edit)”
From the album Dive
Courtesy of Ghostly International

10. The Real McKenzies
“The Message”
From the album Westwinds
Courtesy of Fat Wreck Chords

11. Heavy Cream
“Prison Shanks”
From the album Super Treatment
Courtesy of Infinity Cat Recordings

12. Poliça
“Lay Your Cards Out” (feat. Mike Noyce)
From the album Give You the Ghost
Courtesy of Totally Gross National Product

13. Ty Segall & White Fence
“Not a Game”
From the album Hair
Courtesy of Drag City

14. Carina Round*
“Girl and the Ghost”
From the album Tigermending
Courtesy of Carina Round/Dehisce Records

*Girl And The Ghost Written by: C. Round (Carina Round Music (ASCAP) and Zac Rae (Zac Rae Music – Grumpy Beard Music (ASCAP)). Vocals: Claire Acey, Samuel Stewart, Django James / Drums & Percussion: Blair Sinta. Produced by Dan Burns and Carina Round.

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