Top Seven Ridiculous Anti-Gay Marriage Quotes

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012


When President Obama finally came out in favor of same-sex marriage, the responses usually fell into one of two camps: religious and socially conservative fear-mongering, which labeled Obama’s somewhat tepid stance as a war on traditional values, or the shrugs of a younger, more jaded generation who wondered what took him so long. And while the implications will likely be debated for years to come — with little discussion of the real gay and lesbian relationships impacted by these issues — we must always take solace in the fact that ignorance is the spice of humor.

While trying to oppose basic LGBTA rights, politicians have never pulled punches. But fueled by election year fury, most arguments have taken a turn for the ridiculous, as pundits have repeatedly been hung out to dry by their own words. Never before have politicians been more dangerous and hilarious when trying to explain their opposition to same-sex marriage. So, in celebration of their ignorance (and what we hope is the impending recognition of LGBTA rights), we highlight some of the choicest cuts of stupid bile ever to come out of a person’s mouth.

And if your eyes start to bleed while reading these quotes, do not panic. It is only evidence that you are a rational, compassionate human being.

Michele Bachmann

“This is a very serious matter, because it is our children who are the prize for this community. They are specifically targeting our children.”

– Senator Michele Bachmann, on the gay community and same-sex marriage, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News”, hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-AM, March 20, 2004.

“It isn’t that some gay will get some rights. It’s that everyone else in our state will lose rights. For instance, parents will lose the right to protect and direct the upbringing of their children. Because our K-12 public school system, of which ninety percent of all youth are in the public school system, they will be required to learn that homosexuality is normal, equal and perhaps you should try it. And that will occur immediately, that all schools will begin teaching homosexuality.”

Senator Michele Bachmann, on what will happen if her same-sex marriage ban amendment fails to pass in 2004, appearing as guest on radio program “Prophetic Views Behind The News,” hosted by Jan Markell, KKMS 980-AM, March 6, 2004.

Rick Santorum

“Is anyone saying same-sex couples can’t love each other? I love my children. I love my friends, my brother. Heck, I even love my mother-in-law. Should we call these relationships marriage, too?”

Rick Santorum, Writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer, May 2008.

“This is an issue just like 9-11… We didn’t decide we wanted to fight the war on terrorism because we wanted to. It was brought to us. And if not now, when? When the supreme courts in all the other states have succumbed to the Massachusetts version of the law?”

Rick Santorum, Speaking to the Allentown “Morning Call,” February 2004.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I think that gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger, August 27, 2003, in an interview on The Sean Hannity Show shortly after he announced he would run in the California gubernatorial recall race.

Trent Franks

“It not only is a complete undermining of the principles of family and marriage and the hope of future generations, but it completely begins to see our society break down to the extent that that foundational unit of the family that is the hope of survival of this country is diminished to the extent that it literally is a threat to the nation’s survival in the long run.”

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), October 28, 2011, speaking about same-sex marriage in a radio interview.

Daniel Heimbach

“If marriage is radically redefined as a way of just affirming loving feelings of attraction, then equality will require allowing people who love dogs to marry dogs. And people who love ice cream to marry ice cream.”

Daniel Heimbach, senior professor of Christian ethics at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

  • Joe

    None of these remarks are “ridiculous.” There is no such thing as “gay” rights. There is not a single word, not even a syllable, in the constitution that confers special rights to anybody based on their sexual practices. Homosexuals also already have marriage equality. They can marry in any state in the USA as long as the marriage comports with the law just like all marriages must. In other words, they have to marry a person of the opposite gender…as it should be, that is the law! Nobody should support the normalization of the abnormal and homosexuals are freaks of nature, or got the dirty end of the genetic wild card draw. Either way, they are broken, regardless of how they want to see themselves.

    • Angelica

      You are ridiculously selfish and irritating. Learn to have respect for everyone. marriage is a HUMAN right, not a HETEROSEXUAL privilege. the dirty end of the genetic wild card? People aren’t a fucking game. there’s not a certain way to live a life, they choose their own path. you sick, close-minded fool. You are clearly as illogical and immature as the people who are quoted on this. LEARN YOUR PLACE JOE, you are no better then them.

      • Joe

        I’m selfish? I’m opposing the corruption of society by people like you and I”M selfish? You want to expose children to sexual perversion and you think that’s a human right? So, suck on this for human rights: you already have the “RIGHT” to marry – in any state in the union, as long as your marriage comports with the law like every marriage must. That means you simply have to marry a person of the opposite gender; that is fact and, thus, your argument isn’t with me, it’s with the law. That’s the same right the rest of us have and the extent of your right to marry. Anybody who gets in the way of your agenda is ridiculous, illogical and immature and normal people are the only ones who know their place. It’s homos who struggle with that question. Your place is in a gay bar, or behind the closet door; your place is certainly not wandering about in the streets of this country making your sordid sex lives a parade theme. And nobody said people were a fucking game – you just need to understand the art of the metaphor. And, if’ it irritates you to hear the truth, or to know you don’t have the rights you think you do, or that there are still people out here who can’t be bought by LGBT money, that’s too bad. Heterosexual privilege? Yes, it kind of is…that’s the way God intended it and even back then society knew homos were detestable, so why do you think they decided you should be put to death (still not a bad idea).

        • Luke

          If it’s actually corruption, then you should want gay marriage because it would push homosexuals away from staying in the closet, potentially even marrying and having children, which would, by your argument, corrupt society because those genes would be passed.

          Except that homosexuality being deemphasized is more likely to kill it than what I just proposed, because it is typically brought about by trauma. For instance, I’m now worried that your rambling, homophobic argument has provided the trauma to push me to homosexuality.

          In sum, the idiocy you’re displaying needs hidden far more than the people you say need to hide.

        • Support intolerance and bigotry with claims about a false supernatural being that doesn’t exist? what are you, living in the dark ages? you are “touched” in the head? get you’re shit together or get the fuck out of the country of equality, asshole

    • Girl

      Wow, go fuck yourself. You ignorant prick.

    • anonymous

      How dare you deny your fellow human the right to be wedded to the one they love? What does it concern you? Or anyone for that matter? Live and let live you abominable prick.
      I bet you take it up the ass yourself, Joe.

    • John

      What can’t we simply change the law?

    • Johnny

      Joe, there’s nothing in the constitution that specifically gives you the right to breath air into your lungs. There’s nothing in the constitution that gives you the right to open your eyes and enjoy the beauty of nature. A right is not something that is granted by the constitution, and it’s not a “special right” when you have the exact same rights as everyone else. Nowhere in the constitution does it infer that marital rights are only between two people of the same gender, anymore than it was anywhere in the constitution that two people had to be the same ethnicity, race or religion in centuries past. Any right not explicitly denied by the constitution is assumed to be a right until an amendment is added to take that right away.

      • Joe

        I don’t agree with your logic, Johnny, but breathing and seeing are not at issue and are not described as a right by politics, but homosexuals DO claim to have a “right” to marry. So your argument is moot.

    • LeMints

      You a literally a waste of oxygen. You are not worth the space you take up on this planet.

      • Joe

        That’s the best you’ve got? You aren’t worth the time it took to read your pathetic two cents entry.

    • Aiko

      You know Joe, homophobia is often associated with homosexual arousal. ITS OKAY TO BE GAY! But seriously, why do you have to describe gays as “freaks of nature”? The only freak of nature here is you, because you are so concerned with the life of homosexual people instead of living your own. Why do you care so much about the lives of gays and protecting traditional marriage? If gays were to get married, how would it even affect you? Dude, no one will make you attend the wedding, you won’t see them have sex, ect… I’ts none of your damn business what happens in the bedroom. If gays disgust you, just don’t look. Your words wont change them, nothing will. Vile pig.

      • Joe

        You people always call others homophobic when we disagree with you and your ways. Homophobia is defined as a “fear” of homos. Normal people are not afraid of you, we are repulsed and disgusted by what you do. You also always try to turn it around by claiming those who argue with your agenda are homosexually arousable and that is a crock of b.s.! If homos had stayed in the closet and not started pushing their disgusting agenda upon the masses, perhaps you wouldn’t be getting all this criticism. Nobody cared what you creeps do behind closed doors. But you are out on the streets parading your sordid sex lives in the public’s face; you are trying to change a religious rite, which offends normal people; you have forced your way into the armed forces; you are creeping your behaviors into our living rooms by TV (The New Normal) and movies (Brokeback Mountain); you are trying to re-define what “normal” means and we don’t like it. To paraphrase Will Rogers, your right to swing your fist ends where normal people’s noses begin.

        • Aiko

          “You are creeping your behaviors into our living rooms by TV (The New Normal) and movies (Brokeback Mountain)”- You have fingers, do you not? Change the damn channel, then. Christ.

    • dude if anything you got the bad draw cuz ur one of the morons who believes in fairy tales like god, santa claus and the tooth fairy and then use bullshit like that to support ignorant hate speech….if you don’t understand why everyone should be treated equally then read a fucking history book and learn about why women and African-Americans were finally acknowledge for having the same rights as everyone else…..get you’re shit together

  • Aliah

    That’s funny Joe, because homosexuality has been recorded among scores of non-human animals, from swans to zebras to chimps. Studies have suggested that this occurs not only to curb overpopulation, but to in fact insure the survival of one’s genes–by helping to raise nieces and nephews that carry the same familiar genes.

    I think the only thing that’s abnormal is your weird hatred for people who’ve never done anything to harm you.

    (Also, laws are constructs of culture. There’s nothing ‘natural’ about them, except that we’ve evolved to understand the abstract concept and apply it to our own (wildly varied) civilizations. So they’re subject to change.)

    • Luke

      SHHHHH! Rationality isn’t permitted in controversial issues. It’s all about religion, family values, and other wonderful emotions (AKA excuses for fear).

      • Aiko

        Well said, Luke :)

  • Joe

    And you want to use animals as your role models? Do you also eat your own young? There’s another way to curb overpopulation; it’s called Leviticus 20:13. Survival of one’s genes? Where did you study biology…the Harvey Milk institute? Homos don’t preserve their genes,because they can’t reproduce, you idiot. And, no, I never said I had any hatred for homos. I hate what they do and what they want to do. And, if you are part of a marching band and 98% of the members are in step, why should they have to change to get in step with the 2%. I also disagree that, if they’ve not done anything to harm me, I shouldn’t care what they do. Jeffrey Dahmer did nothing to harm me, either, so are you saying nobody should care about what he did? As to laws, without them civillization would degenerate into anarchy and chaos. Yes, they can change, but if you want to change laws to accommodate and enable a small minority at expense of the masses, or to change that which has been forbidden for 5,000 years, then perhaps we should change the laws that put drug dealers behind bars because it’s so wildly popular to do drugs. Let’s change the laws about breaking and entering…after all there are a lot of people out of work and who have turned to crime for a living. You people make me sick with your twisted values and screwy “logic” and you should realize you will never reach your wet dream goals of having the masses accept you as normal regardless of how many Hollywood homos and TV sitcoms try to redefine what’s normal. As long as there are bibles to read, and church-going people who believe in God, you will never be considered normal. By the way, here’s a reality for you: homosexuality was removed from the DSM, but not because it’s now considered normal. It was removed by surreptitious and fraudulent means, but homosexuality is still a paraphilia and is not normal. Anything that is not normal is, by definition, abnormal. You who suffer from that affliction should seek help. There are organizations of former homos ( who help homos abandon that lifestyle so that one day when you stand before the ultimate judgment you will be credited with repenting and turning away from that Satan-induced lifestyle. Good luck with that.

    • Girl

      You know, I hope you realize that God loves everyone. HE LOVES GAY PEOPLE Just as much as he loves you. So don’t think youre above anybody.You break his heart everne you insulting his creation. He loves everyone, we are all his children. So get off your righteous high horse, pull your head out of your ass and take a look around, gays are just like you. Human.

      • Joe

        God didn’t make you or others like you homosexual. He even says in Leviticus 20:13 to kill you because you have done something disgusting. He may love you, but he wants you to repent and stop living your sinful life. I’m not on a righteous horse and, unlike homos, I don’t use my head or anything else as a butt plug. If you were crossing the street and a bus was heading for you at warp speed, wouldn’t you want somebody to warn you? That’s what we normal people do…we are warning you to turn from your disgusting practices and return to the natural way of doing things. In spite of homosexual brainwashing, this behavior can be remedied. Seek help.

        • Aiko

          And I could say that your heterosexual lifestyle disgusted me, but I really couldn’t care any less about your sex life, along with your life in general. If you love your god so much, go to church, go out and live a little, go somewhere! Stop caring so much about gay people’s lives, for your sake and ours.

        • Joe is gay for jesus!

          News flash, God didn’t write the bible! It was written by man and has gone thru so many versions and language translations, who knows what is accurate. All I know is if God exists in the world we live in today, he is a vile and evil spirit that loves nothing nor anyone. Live for today and shove your fear and hatred aside. You’re mixing laws, rights and religious propaganda! Nothing has caused more hate and violence as organized religion!

          • Joe

            Hate to be you on Judgment Day.

        • you know “god” didn’t write the bible rite? a bunch of stupid probably self-loathing men did who probably engaged in same-sex activity did? who are you to sit on you’re tower passing judgement on everyone based on a book of fiction? i’ll bet there’s plenty of disgusting things you do. i have a background in studying mental health and it’s painfully clear who should actually seek help here…

    • hahaha, you’re such a fucking idiot. that sucks that people like you exist….put the Bible down for fucks sake and pick up a fucking science text you dumb, dumb piece of shit

      • Joe

        Hell hates holy water, doesn’t it! The more you squeeze the evil spirits, like those inside your dumb ass, the more they spew hatred and expletives. How do you know who wrote the bible, or how it was written? You know nothing of the bible and, thus, are clearly not the one to make judgments on religion or religious beliefs. Just because you have no soul doesn’t mean others don’t. You can curse God all you want, but do so at your own peril you worthless dick sucking, same sex ass fucking, shit eating son of a bitch!!!!!!!!!!

  • Izabella

    Are you seriously comparing the whole gay community to Jeffrey Dahmer, drug dealers and burglars? You need to educate yourself, I’ve never seen so much ignorance in my life. If they want to get married then let them get married and leave them alone, as long as they’re not hurting anyone because it’s not yours or anyone else’s business. You say it will never happen but I’m 16 and I know of only two people that are against same sex marriage. And everyone hates those people. Once my generation is old enough to vote I promise you it will become legal. Also, your extreme homophobia makes it look like you’re repressing some pretty strong homosexual desires and it’s really funny.

    • Aiko

      Shhh…He gets pissy when you mention his clear homosexual desires. In the end, we will all be the winners because his life is full of negativity and intolerance. And you are right, I am in highschool myself and this generation is slightly more accepting.

      • Joe

        That’s because you are being brainwashed with a leftist agenda in public schools. Even some elementary schools are shelving a book that promotes homosexuality. Idiots like Kevin Jennings would push it all the way down to pre-school if school districts would let him. And let’s not forget NAMBLA, a homosexual organization whose mantra is “sex before he’s eight, or it’s too late.” These scumbags, Aiko, want to have sex with little boys under the age of eight. You and your generation want to accept that, too? Don’t depend on what liberals tell you about homosexuality. If it wasn’t for the undeniable fact that God hates homosexuality, because it subverts His whole plan, we conservatives wouldn’t care so much about what they’re trying to do. Homos will get on here and tell you a lot of crap, will vehemently defend themselves and their unnatural lifestyles, but stand strong against it or you will become as corrupt as they are. Ask yourself, who benefits from the corruption of the morality of mankind and you’ll know where homosexuality comes from, if you’ve ever wanted to know.

  • Casey

    I really like you Izabella, haha. And Joe, just allow me to say that I am one of those bible reading church going people who sincerely believes in God. And you can say that is impossible if I believe in gay rights, but that is why it is a belief, is it not? Because I believe it. And you’re entitled to your own opinion (however shitty), but do you forget that we are also entitled to ours? And I really really hate that you are assuming that everyone commenting here is gay. I’m not gay. I am totally and completely straight. Yet, I support a community of quote: “sexually pervesed people” and there isnt anything you can do about it. HA. Stick that in your bigoted juice box and suck it!

  • sarah

    Good quotes, who said they were bad. People should wake up and realize that gay people choose to be that way or develop love between ach other because of social prolems. Or there just tired of normality and want to experience and try new things. People’s mind are crazy, they always come up with weird ideas. 50 years form now, there will be marriage between humasn and animals. Arguments such as love will be brought up. Animals are living thina and they have emotions and they can like people. So let them marry if it makes them happy. It”s ridicolous but that’s gonna be normal sooner or later.

    • Girl

      You’re so right, Sarah. It’s just a choice. Oh wait nope, its not. You’re just a bitch.

    • Girl

      Also, how the fuck would animals consciously agree to marriage and sign a certificate? Shut up.

      • anonymous

        I like your moxie, Girl.

        Also, Sarah, could you go be a cunt somewhere else do ya think?

    • Aiko

      Who taught you how to spell? Just curious. And who in their right mind would choose a lifestyle of hatred, criticism, and ignorant people like YOU to judge their love? Your comment is immensly offensive and extremely stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Some of you people have the wrong idea big time you need to learn TWAS WIRTTEN IN THE BIBLE ADAM AND EVE NOT ADAM AND STEVE i agree with joe

    • Aiko

      Not everybody follows the bible. The bible also bans wearing clothes made of more than one type of fabric. Leviticus 19:19 says, “You are to keep My statutes. You shall not breed together two kinds of your cattle; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed, nor wear a garment upon you of two kinds of material mixed together.” Also, I hope you have never shaved, cursed, gossiped, watched football on a sunday, eaten any shellfish or pork, or associated with a female who was menstruating, because you could go to hell for those, too.
      I swear, some people have to pull their head out of their asses and stop being so god damn stupid.

      • Joe

        Like people who haven’t figured out Tab A doesn’t fit Tab A and Slot B doesn’t fit Slot B? In other words, homos?

        • Aiko

          You claim that you don’t care about what us “creeps” do behind closed doors, yet you think that gays are stupid because they “haven’t figured out Tab A doesn’t fit Tab A and Slot B doesn’t fit Slot B”? As long as gays aren’t out having sex with eachother on the streets, why would you care? as long as It’s between two consenting adults, I don’t see it as wrong. Let people use “Tab A” and “Slot B” as they please, and people wouldn’t get so mad at you.
          I understand that I will never change how you feel about this issue, and you obviously will never change my oppinion, so can we just agree to disagree? :)

  • Rachel

    I don’t think twas Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve is an actual bible quote, just saying. Also, you ahve to remember, while I fully believe in God and his word, it wasn’t Him that put pen to paper. Human nature is flawed, and thus, those who interpeted God’s word did it as a human would. There are many things the bible says that we wouldn’t really agree with today. Also, in regards to the comment that was made about it “not being a bad idea” to put gays to death, um wow. A huge argument against homosexuality is religon, yet you decide that it should be okay to kill people. Human beings who bleed red just like you? Love is more powerful than hate, and love is God’s biggest message. If you hate someone for loving another, well that is evil. Love isn’t a sin, but hate is the thing that sin spawns from. I have no respect for you homophobic asses, but I do hope that someday stupid people will wake up and realize that hiding behind the bible to support hatred, is not a good plan. God doesn’t hate, so it doesn’t seem like valid point of view. Peace!

  • Joe

    Nobody hates anybody because they love. You are not condemned for loving; you are condemned for sleeping with a person of the same gender. You people who argue against the suggestion to repent from your sinful practices should realize that God didn’t design humans to have homosexual relations. The purpose of having two genders is procreation to populate the world for whatever reason the Creator had in mind. Same gender sexual congress will not produce offspring, so it is not only impractical, but threatens the existence of the human species. Use a little logic and figure it out. Ask yourself, too, who benefits from the corruption of the morality of mankind?

    • Aiko

      God didn’t design humans, period. You’d think that, considering how far science has gotten the human race, people would start to understand that. I have no idea how humans came to exist, but as an atheist, I am not at all afraid to say that. Also, “threatens the existence of the human species”? Yeah, because we don’t have enough children throughout the country/planet that have no home or parents. The U.S. is TOTALLY underpopulated. Sheesh.

  • Damon

    The human body was designed and is the way it is for a reason. There are two different sex organs. You either have a penis or a vagina (male or female). The penis is meant to go inside the vagina. There is no way around it. And no the ass and the mouth are not sex organs so technically anal and oral is scientifically considered ” not having sex ” the only way that homosexuality would be ok is If an individual was born with both sex organs. Like the simplest fcking logic. God/mother nature/evolution intended it to be this way. You can’t complete the puzzle if the pieces don’t fit. The day two penises can reproduce will be the day that homosexuality is normal. Until then stop trying to come up with loads of bullshit to make homosexuality seem ok.

    • Aiko

      “There are two different sex organs. You either have a penis or a vagina (male or female)”? Well, you don’t say. I never would have guessed. Do all people have sex to reproduce? No. Sex is a type of physical communication between two people that have a mutual feeling for eachother. Are you against birthcontrol/contraception as well? Please do enlighten me, Damon.

      • Damon

        Wtf? Im simply trying to hint that biologically a penis is for a vagina whether or not you are going to reproduce… Because apparently not everyone follows the bible. But your science professor will tell you that scientifically homosexuality is not the way it’s supposed to go.

        • Aiko

          And I am simply trying to hint that you don’t belong here. What you may not realize is that this is about gay marriage, not whether their sex/love is morally wrong. You seem very uneducated and ignorant about this topic. Whether homosexual sex is wrong or is considered “not having sex”, it’s none of your business, as no one is making you have it. You cannot make someone straight, just as you cannot make someone gay. People like you are the people that make closeted gays feel like complete s**t about themselves, and cause self hatred. I understand that you are simply saying that “biologically a penis is for a vagina”, but you also said that the gay lifestyle is illogical, and that it is a load of bullsh*t to try to defend it.

          I don’t care about what you do in the bedroom, and what orifice/bodypart is involved. If two females, or two males were to have sex with eachother, it wouldn’t be wrong, it wouldn’t be illogical, it would be the best damn form of birthcontrol there is.

        • Aiko

          Also, in your last sentence; I am curious as to what you mean by “it’s”. are you reffering to the sex, or the lifesyle in general?
          If my science professor were to tell me that homosexual life is not the way it’s supposed to go, it would piss me off. I would make it clear that it it pissed me off. As you know, this is not a topic I take lightly.

        • Joe is gay for jesus!

          So if a guy bangs a chick in the ass, he is a homo by your logic. Perhaps you and Joe should go play tug-of-war with your hung like a two year old selves,?

  • Damon

    I look at everything with a black and white perspective. I know this is about gay marriage. I’m just cutting out all the unnecessary bullshit (politics/government/religion) from this whole argument and getting straight to the point. Because your own human body was designed for the opposite sex regardless of whether or not you will get/want marriage/reproduction and whatever the fuck else you can come up with to argue about, then the opposite sex is who you are suppose be with.

    • Kotoko

      It’s ignorance like that, that just ticks me off. Do you really have to have any input on who I marry? Aiko has a point, and you keep your fingers in your ears like a three year old. I don’t have to be with a fucking man to be happy. I hate it when people think they should have input on who someone should be with. I don’t HAVE to be with a man. I don’t care how my body was designed! If my body was under everyone else’s control, then you could tell me who to fuck. But since every person is an individual and is in charge of what goes on in their life, other people should butt the fuck out and get their heads out of their asses, as well as keep their noses out of other peoples’ business. Again, it’s my life, so who the hell are you to tell me who to marry and who to fuck? You should worry about your own heterosexuality rather than trying to convert people who are happy as is into a person such as yourself.
      Sir, I can see where you’re coming from, but please. I should think a person such as yourself would be more open-minded. But, apparently not. The world continues to produce narrow-minded denizens that know nothing more than the norm. Way to go. Way to be, human race. This is why we’re all fucked.

      • Damon

        I am not telling you who to marry. Your biological self tells you who to marry. And I’m not converting I’m informing. And the fact that you don’t care about how your body is designed is a problem. Thank you mom and dad for not having an open mind and twisting the natural way of sex because you ass wouldn’t be alive of your parents were homos

        • Aiko

          Your biological self doesn’t tell you to marry anyone. Marriage is not a natural thing. The fact that you care so much about what people do behind closed doors is a problem. Not open-minded? Like you have the slightest room to talk.

          • Marriage may not be a natural thing, but is procreation not a natural thing? I support gay marriage but I think Damon has a point.

          • disqus_3MYAj7sKvJ

            You don’t need to be married to reproduce.

      • Aiko

        Couldn’t have put it better myself, Kotoku. ;)

    • Aiko

      But Damon, the world isn’t black and white. It’s all the colors of the rainbow!

  • Kris

    Okay let’s forget about god/allah/any ‘holy books’

    Homosexuality is a wrong. Period.
    You homos are pathethics, unshameful, naives, stupid!

    I’m not a nazis, but in ‘this’ case, I agree with Hitler: send you straight to the gas chamber, go fuk your self till die.

    • Aiko

      You call homosexuals supid, yet you can’t even spell.

    • Aiko

      Also, your grammar is atrocious.

    • E67

      Who are you to judge? Before you judge others, look at yourself. Re-read what you just wrote. You just wrote that you agree with Hitler and want to send homosexuals to a gas chamber. That is disgusting, and I hope you realize how close-minded and stupid you are, and that God is about love, NOT about condemning someone to a gas chamber.

    • oh…you are so far in the closet you are in danger of becoming a garment bag….You have been keeping secrets dearest…have you forgotten how you like the 10 inch dildo I shoved down your throat and you screamed for me to use my favoutite stuffed animal up your ass \\///…Have you forgeotten already?

  • Kris

    Fuk [sic] you and your damn grammar.

  • Aiko

    Well, that’s a good start. Atleast you used proper punctuation. If you want to insult people, stop typing like a chimpanzee. Your words don’t hurt anyone, and you just end up looking like a fool.

  • Kris

    I don’t expect sub human like you to be insulted with my words.
    Back to the topic i.e. “Disgusting Homosexuality”
    This is not “Linguistic website”

  • Kris

    Oh also, FUK you fugly bitch!
    (Another intentionally mistyped words)

    • Aiko

      “Intentionally mistyped word”? How old are you, five? And how do you know I’m “fugly” when you’ve never seen me? You can’t take one Nanosecond out of your day to type one more letter? Your punctuation, Kris! It burns my eyes.

    • come on..cant you see you’re letting us all know you are just in the closet!!!

  • Sandy

    I think the gay community is revolting.. I think it is a choice they choose to make to be gay. I know god loves all but what is being pushed is an abomination. Gays want the right to get married why?? Everything they think that little piece of paper does legally can be done without it. It is all just a crock of shit. Just another ploy to make people accept you. If someone is disgusted by someone who is gay lets it be know then they are prejudice for doing so but a gay person is equally prejudice for disliking the straight person for their beliefs. I am in a straight marriage and unlike a gay couple I can make vows to and in front of god something a gay couple cannot do righteously. God did not create Adam and Adam he created eve for Adam to lay together. Why do gays feel a need to shove their sexuality in everyone’s faces by doing disgusting things like making out at chick filet? Just because the founder doesn’t like gays you have to punish him and all who visit there? Wow that will make people take you seriously… Not likely! Keep it behind closed doors. Straight people don’t go make out just because gays don’t like us! Gay couples want children… How do you think they are made?? If god wanted gay couples to have children he would have made it so. Any rights gays think they have to have they already do. They have basic human rights any others are just made up added ones! I will be welcomed into gods kingdom when I die and gays will not. I believe in God and trust in his word and no other belief is intended to follow.

    • heather

      I think your closed mind is revolting. Like a Southern plantation owner arguing against racial equality, you’re on the wrong side of history.

    • Aiko

      Your comment is revolting. I couldn’t even read it without my eyes burning! Who in their right mind would choose to be gay in this day and age, Especially in a world filled with incompetent bigots like you? Do you personally know anyone from the gay community?
      Some Christian YOU are, calling a group of God’s children revolting! You should be ashamed of yourself. I thought you were taught to “Love thy neighbor”? Well, gays are all around you, and whether you acknowledge or accept them, their love will one day be accepted. Maybe not by you, or your children, or their children, but it will happen. Get with the program, lady! This isn’t the eighteenth century.

    • Who asked you for your whinny assed opinion? crawl back under your rock !!! Bet you fantasise about it…

    • Well, Sandy, you’re in the vast minority, bless your heart. :-D

    • I hope your kids get aids

  • Non of your business

    All you people disagreeing with the RIGHT to gay marriage are disgusting ! Honestly , lets put you in our shoes lets say that you lived in some country that didnt allow straight marriage , but you’ve found the love of your life and you only want to be with them for the rest of your life , but oh well because we don’t allow straight marriage :/ . Know think i that country was America . You would t be able to have your wife . So while your studying your bibles and loving your partners because you can do so through marriage , we will be fighting for our rights to get married because ignorant pricks like some of you can’t say you believe in something cause your imaginary god will condemn you to hell . Just think about that .

  • Alex

    You homophobes need a hug. Put down your bibles and live your own life. Stop telling others how to live theirs. You also sound like the people who were against mixed racial marriages. Or just black people in general. Times are changing. Get used to it.

    • thanks alex…most sensible and to the point thing on here

    • Hardly, the fundamentals of their arguements are much different

    • what you need to know is yes, there are judgemental christians, but the real christians battle gay marriage because we have a heart of compassion and we dont want people to live a life of sin. moreso than that, we want people to experience the full blessing of god as well as the very intimate and unconditional relationship god gives a man and woman that seeks it

      • What “real Christians” need to battle, in America, is a taste for salt and fatty snacks, and an aversion to exercise and science.

      • Molly

        Yeah well go fuck yourself, you’re not helping anyone and you’re not compassionate and if your neighbor was gay, would you hate him? Or would you “Love thy neighbor” like God actually wanted? And if God made everyone on Earth, why would he make gay people? If you’re right and all gay couples go to hell, that’s their business. But until they get there they should be able to do whatever the hell they want without people like you trying to “help” them by being a complete asshole.

      • Lexi Givens

        Well, I don’t really mind if I go to hell, if such a place even exists. I bet all the girls down there are real hot.

        • bdrew

          I think I broke a rib! rofl

      • Mark

        The same way that the most incredibly loving and compassionate thing I can tell fundamentalist Christians is that their syncretistic blending of worship of the Bible as a god, ultranationalism, far right-wing politics, America-worship, crass materialism, Ayn Rand-worship, and wanton selfishness with their utter contempt for the poor, the hungry, the sick and the needy is craven idolatry and a serious and damnable heresy which mocks everything Jesus taught?

      • bdrew

        Josh: Dear God, why do you pile all these troubles upon us? It’s because of the gays, isn’t it?
        God: Yes it is.
        Josh: I knew it! You’re punishing us for their abominations!
        God: Oh, NO NO NO! I’m punishing you for the shitty way you treat them.
        Josh: Wha huh? Crickets…
        God: (chuckling) Stop taking my book so damn literally son! It’s 2015 for Zeus’s sake! Really dude, I was talking to ignoramuses from 2000 years ago! I am really disappointed that with all you guys have accomplished since then, you still follow that damn thing. It was funny for about the first 1200 years, but it is getting old now. It was just a prank that got out of control. Satan warned me not to do it, but I was getting bored with all the other religious hullabaloo. Eternity is a long time ya know! I thought it would provide us with a few laughs for a few hundred years and you would move on once I started showing you all the other cool stuff. When I saw it wasn’t happening, I initiated Project World Wide Web to let you guys in on the joke. Unfortunately, it isn’t happening as fast as I had hoped, but no worries, we’ll get there. I don’t want to just come down and tell you guys because it will set off a nuclear holocaust aka World War III! Like I am going to bring all those crazies up here with me! As if! Anyway, lesson learned. Be patient. It will sort itself out in a couple hundred years. Mysterious ways and stuff.

        Satan: Don’t be so sure about that. Have you seen some the stuff those religious peeps are saying and doing? Spend some time on GodTube and YouTube! I thought I had a naughty side! Daaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnn Gina! They are crraaaazzzzyyyyy!
        God: Oh, I know right!? WTF!? Note to self: No more holy pranks…especially “Revelations” holy pranks.

        Josh: more crickets….

    • RabbleRabbleRabbleMe

      When homosexuals do the same. Until then, all is fair. We’re going to change them back, to the way it should be, GET USED TO IT.

  • Truth

    Bottom line is that all you “homo haters” are pissed off because you know you won’t get your way. Gays will continue to prosper and be allowed to marry and there isn’t ANYTHING you can do about it. You can spew hate and bigotry and piss and moan but the world is going on without you and you just hate it don’t you. Aww………go cry in your little caves. We laugh at you haters! Have all the temper tantrums you want! It will do no go what-so-ever. Be bitter, we don’t care. We don’t need your approval. We will win and you will die a bitter angry old fuck. Suck on that loser.

    • Just wondering, do you consider those on the left who say, “I don’t like gay marriage, but I believe gays have the right to marry” homophobic? Isn’t the fact that they say they don’t like it enough to qualify as hate and homophobic in your terms? Or is it because they support the same cause as you that you leave them alone? I support gay marriage but I’m tired of such stupidty and one-way thinking on this side as well as the other

    • i dont hate gays i just pitty. you will never get to experience the true unconditional love that god gives a man and a woman the seek it. im not just saying gays either. there are many normal couples that wont find this either. you are in my prayers

      • It’s “pity,” not “pitty.” Why do illiteracy and homophobia so often go hand in hand? No need to answer, you fundies. Just look up “rhetorical” in the dictiona….never mind.

    • Whatever

      whos the hater now maybe ur gay

  • Come on people! Yes I support gay marriage put you HAVE to stop with the hate card. Most people in my family don’t support gay marriage but yet… somehow… they have gay friends!! Mindblowing! Impossble right?? WRONG! The issue is marriage, society’s function, and education. Not hate! I’m not saying nobody hates, because they do! But I assue you that nobody above is actually afraid of gay people or hates them. Get over yourselves. Its not like they’re saying the should be put in concentration camps

    • Robert, why on earth would any gay person with any self-respect be friends with “most people in [your] family” who believe they don’t deserve the right to legal marriage to the person they love?

    • bdrew

      Um, you’re wrong on every level. That is the same crap people said about interracial marriage! And, “Its not like they’re saying the should be put in concentration camps.” is exactly what some are asking for..they say this from their pulpits, and the hateful audiences cheers in agreement. Come out from under your rock, and join the land of the living. Just be sure to check your hypocrisy at the door please…or not, it’s a free country.

  • Matt Edmund

    First off, Obama’s stance on gay marriage evolved just 6 months before a presidential election…how convenient, right? Hate to piss off a huge part of your electorate who may stay home or perhaps vote third party because you won’t give them your approval. The real debate we should be having is why we need to sanction voluntary commitments and contracts between two people (as in marriage) through the state (government)? The state should get out of defining marriage and morality issues in general.

    “What we need is not a government which legalizes marriage, but people who no longer seek its permission”

    • Josh

      The state cannot remove itself from a legal contract recognized by governing bodies. Morality aside, equal treatment is what is at stake, and not a couple’s ability to claim to be life-long partners. Not only does marriage allow two people to take vows, but it also allows each spouse to be bonded legally to the other. This legal bond gives them rights not held outside of a married union.

      • Matt Edmund

        I get what you’re saying, but my point is that we should PROGRESS as human beings to create our own definition of marriage, outside of the confines and definitions provided by the state. It’s time we stop looking to government to sanction LOVE. What’s being argued are is not the morality, but the legality of marriage (financial benefits, taxation issues, certification)…and ironically we go to a body that has no problem destroying love and humanity to sanction LOVE.

        Bill Hicks said it best…

        “Folks, it’s time to evolve. That’s why we’re troubled. You know why our
        institutions are failing us, the church, the state, everything’s
        failing? It’s because, um – they’re no longer relevant. We’re supposed
        to keep evolving. Evolution did not end with us growing opposable thumbs. You do know that, right? There’s another 90 percent of our brains that we have to illuminate.”

        • bdrew

          I totally get what you are saying, and I agree, but like I said before, it just isn’t realistic right now to expect that drastic of a change overnight, and so we must do what we have to protect people. That doesn’t mean I think we shouldn’t continue on and seek progress, we just have to do both.

    • Smart choice, wasn’t it, that “evolution?” And now he’s part of the majority of Americans, the ones who believe in, and support, full equal marriage for LGBT couples.

    • bdrew

      Whether your position is true or not, it isn’t realistic in the political climate as it is today. With so much division and divisive politics going on, we still have to remember there are real people’s lives who are being affected by them so it was the right thing to do in our current society and governmental structure.

      Also, it was hardly an overnight decision. If anything he was denying (somewhat) in public (at times) that he has ALWAYS been in favor of same-sex marriage. As with all politicians, they will evolve or “flip” on many issues throughout the course of their careers. They most commonly do this for strategic reasons or political positioning however distasteful we laypeople may view that way of policy making or political campaigning. And his reason’s for his final declaration were deeply compassionate, and as an unforeseen bonus, turned out to be politically beneficial. It was actually pretty bold, if not courageous, to come out BEFORE he was re-elected in support of SSM when it was still a very sore subject for some on both sides of the dividing line. He easily could have waited until after election without significantly affecting the outcome either way. Here is the real “evolution” timeline of Obama’s stance on SSM before the final declaration of approval and support in 2012 that you mentioned above.:

      1996 – SUPPORTS MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Then Illinois Senate candidate Obama submitted a survey to a newspaper called Outlines saying, “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.” (Read the documents here.)

      In a political questionnaire, when asked if the “Illinois government
      should recognize same-sex marriages,” Obama’s response was “Undecided.”

      In an interview with the Windy City Times, Obama avoided the issue of
      marriage, saying “I think we can get civil unions passed. […] I’m less concerned about the name.”

      2006–2007 – SUPPORTS CIVIL UNIONS:
      Obama repeatedly separated his support for secular civil unions from
      recognizing religious definitions of marriage. In his 2006 bestseller The Audacity of Hope, he supported “a special place for the union of a man and a woman” (pp. 222-223) in society. During a 2007 CNN debate,
      he said he supports equal rights, but “it’s up to the individual
      denominations to make a decision” on marriage, a sentiment he echoed at
      the HRC/logo gay issues debate (PDF).

      2008 (February) – SUPPORTS DOMA REPEAL: In a campaign “Open Letter to the LGBT Community,”
      Obama wrote, “I support the complete repeal of the Defense of Marriage
      Act…I believe we should get rid of that statute altogether.”

      2008 (August) – OPPOSES MARRIAGE:
      In an interview with Rick Warren at the Saddleback Church, Obama
      defined marriage by saying, “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman.
      Now, for me as a Christian…it is also a sacred union. God’s in the
      mix.” Even though Obama still supported civil unions at this point, his
      statements drew a bold line between opposite-sex couples and same-sex

      2009 – SUPPORTS CIVIL UNIONS: In his 2009 Pride Month Proclamation, President Obama reiterated his administration’s support for “civil unions and Federal rights for LGBT couples.”

      2010 (May) – SUPPORTS DOMA REPEAL: In his 2010 Pride Month Proclamation,
      he went further, revisiting his “Open Letter” promises by suggesting
      “we must give committed gay couples the same rights and responsibilities
      afforded to any married couple, and repeal the Defense of Marriage
      Act.” This statement implied a recognition that there are, in fact,
      married same-sex couples. By this point in time, same-sex marriage was
      legal in Iowa, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

      2010 (October) – EVOLVING ON MARRIAGE: It was during an interview with AMERICAblog’s Joe Sudbay
      that the President began “evolving” on the issue. He admitted, “I have
      been to this point unwilling to sign on to same-sex marriage,” but added
      that “I think that it is an issue that I wrestle with” and “I think
      it’s fair to say that it’s something that I think a lot about.”

      2011 (February) – GRAPPLING WITH MARRIAGE:
      Though the decision to no longer defend DOMA was a big step toward
      marriage equality, White House spokesman Jay Carney said that Obama was
      still “grappling” with his personal views on the issue.

      2011 (May) – NO MENTION OF COUPLES: Unlike in the previous two years, the White House’s 2011 Pride Month Proclamation notably omitted any mention of recognizing same-sex relationships, through civil unions or otherwise.

      2011 (June 17) OPPOSED MARRIAGE IN 1996?: White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer told Netroots Nation that the president was not the one
      who filled out the pro-marriage equality questionnaire in 1996 (i.e. it
      was fake, though it had Obama’s signature). The White House distanced
      itself from Pfeiffer’s remarks, telling Metro Weekly, “Dan was not familiar with the history of the questionnaire that was brought up today.”

      2011 (June 19) YES HE SIGNED IT, NO HE DIDN’T SUPPORT MARRIAGE: According to the New York Times, Pfeiffer was “mistaken.” Obama did fill out the 1996 questionnaire, but he was “really referring to civil unions.”

      2011 (June 20) STILL EVOLVING ON MARRIAGE: Carney told the Washington Blade and Metro Weekly that Pfeiffer was actually referring to “another questionnaire” and refused to say anything more about the president’s position on the issue.

  • God is love.

    As far as treating the ones that choose this life style, I for one still have love in my heart for the people that will have to stand before the judgement seat of Christ.

  • Readers, please put what God, Allah, the Pope, Obama, or what any other entity has ever said or implied in whatever manner aside for a moment and consider the following:

    L E T

    O T H E R S

    D O

    W H A T E V E R

    H A R M L E S S

    T H I N G S

    M A K E

    T H E M

    H A P P Y

    This is the fundamental basis of rational yet natural human morals.

    Because happiness is the end-goal, right? (hint: yes)

    And yes, allowing others to pursue what makes them happy in the same manner which you pursue what make you happy, get this – is in fact 100% harmless to your individual experience of life. PROVE ME WRONG.

  • Daniel Heimbach ought to do the right thing and shut the fuck up !!

  • stupid ignorant morons..Haters are just in the closet!

  • Always with the “marrying dogs,” Daniel Heimbach. I wouldn’t let my dog marry you.

  • Jesus is a lie. debate over! the rest of you…do what the fuck you want!

  • Angelcakes :33

    God should die. Heck, he doesn’t exist. Gay haters, I hope you get cancer and die.

  • Robert Balsavage

    i say help clean up the world if you see a gay punch them in the head a few times.

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