KELLI SCARR – Dangling Teeth

reviewed by Vanessa Bennett | Monday, June 4th, 2012

Dangling TeethKelli Scarr channels the wispy, melancholy ballads that seem to ooze the country persona on her new album Dangling Teeth. Twangy guitar notes, lovelorn anthems, and images of rolling hills and days gone by create an album that is a departure from the artist’s earlier works. Here she embarks on something new, full of purpose and conviction.

Tracks like “You Could Be So Great” and “Trouble” are reminiscent of  the likes of Patti Smith and Rickie Lee Jones, but in a way that still maintains a surprising level of individuality. Scarr’s voice is the powerhouse behind the album, the addictively driving factor that hooks listeners with an utterly satisfying grip. Smooth and sultry, she croons each lyric with an undeniable grace, and pairs it with simple, ambling guitar chords and minimalist snare drums. The album’s title track, “Dangling Teeth,” evokes images of starry nights and youthful hope, and is the perfect companion to the coming summer months.

Dangling Teeth marks significant growth and evolution in Scarr’s music. The California native has always had a winning charm and an irrefuitable knack for brilliant musical composition. The new territory she is charting is utterly enjoyable and addictive.

(Silence Breaks Records, 173 N. 3rd Street, PO Box 173, Brooklyn, NY 11211)