reviewed by Josh Diamond | Monday, May 7th, 2012

AdmiralsThe Oklahoma band Admirals’ press kit claims comparisons to Radiohead, The Verve, and Arcade Fire, which I find a bit difficult to believe. However, I entered my first listen hopeful, though skeptical. The first impression was of all around good instrumentation and production, but of hollow, soulless songs; therefore, on my second listen, I set out to find the source of my issue with the music.

My dissatisfaction stems from a combination of factors. First, the lyrics are simple and uninspired, reminiscent of any run-of-the-mill, inauthentic pop music. This led me to my second observation: the music, while well performed, is basically just a blend of early 2000s pop radio rock. And finally, each song is about two minutes too long. The songs all start out pleasantly enough, but by the second half of each track I’m praying for it to die. This is akin to musical masturbation, pleasing no one but the band. The first track and lead single “Sirens” is a pop song over six minutes in length. It’s a good song, certainly the best on the album, but pop songs get painful after about two and a half minutes.

On my second listen to the EP, I also noticed that the songs get progressively more aggravating as the album goes on. “Sirens” and “Heartstrings” are decent, but beyond that, I find myself beginning to tune out. I also found myself turning the volume down at the penultimate track, “Be Yourself,” which sums up everything I disliked about the EP. The music is melodramatic while simultaneously lyrically inarticulate as to why the listener should care. At least this track is blissfully short, as the rest of the songs should have been.

I gave the EP multiple listens because I wanted to be fair in reviewing it. I can’t imagine hordes of people giving it as many chances.

(Idol Records, PO Box 140344, Dallas, TX 75214)

  • Rocker

    Totally disagree with review. Band must be doing something right with large following. After hearing the band’s that Josh support, it is obvious he is hard into heavy metal only. Maybe someone needs to rate Josh and his qualifications.

  • Josh Diamond

    A band’s following is horrible metric to judge it by. A band can be quite successful making uninteresting music for people with unsophisticated tastes. Good for them if they manage to find success! I don’t wish them failure, but I’m not going to encourage people to listen if I don’t think its worth their time or money.

    I actually prefer a lot of other music to metal, although I obviously do enjoy it. Admirals just wrote some boring songs. They have an LP coming out, and it could wind up being great. We’ll see.