HEAVY CREAM – Super Treatment

reviewed by Thomas Pizzola | Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Super Treatment The three ladies and one guy that comprise Heavy Cream have crafted a debut that is a savage, pounding slice of garage punk. This is some vicious, attitude-laden music that makes a lot of recently-released garage seem weak and tepid in comparison.

Guitarist Mimi’s fuzz tones are massive and bludgeoning, drawing inspiration not just from the The Stooges, but from ancient metal like Blue Cheer. It’s the type of sound that blows out eardrums and amps, and definitely works in giving the band a leg up on the competition. It also helps that lead vocalist Jessica has the right snotty tone to her voice, while drummer Tiffany and bassist Seth maintain a blistering rhythm.

In a genre where many of their peers are toned down copies of a copy, it’s cool to see that some are still keeping it wild and woolly. Hopefully, they won’t tone it down anytime soon, because that would wreck this awesome sound they have.

(Infinity Cat Recordings, PO Box 50623, Nashville, TN 37205)

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