reviewed by Kevin Munley | Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Exit 7A

Hammer & Saw Films
12 min., dir. by William Peters, with Angela Borrello, Ben Watts, Michael Mooney, and Joshua Heggie

This unique horror short, written by Asher Ellis and directed by William Peters (of Hammer & Saw Films) turns the hitchhiker horror genre on its head by shifting audience expectations. Without any gore to speak of, the movie manages to create high tension with atmospheric shots of the bleak rural landscape, a great soundtrack, and creepy dialogue from the pathological female lead (Angela Borrello).

Peters shifts the camera back and forth between the protagonist and the hitchhiker with ease, building the tension to its frantic end. I won’t spoil any of the movie’s secrets, but within its short runtime it manages to create a nightmarish world with an unknown — but very organized and understood — threat of violence.

Exit 7A isn’t your typical horror short. It uses brevity to its advantage, creating an ambiguous ending that leaves the audience even more scared to open up their car to strangers. Especially the pretty ones.

Exit 7A premiers at 7 p.m. on April 28, 2012 at Windcrossing: A Festival of Sight and Sound.

exit 7a trailer 02 from FM Crew on Vimeo.