JAD FAIR – Bird House

reviewed by Garrett Lyons | Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Bird HouseHalf Japanese founder Jad Fair teamed up with French artist Hifiklub and German artist kptmichigan to produce an EP that is far, far, far from the range of anything close to normal. The lyrics are nonsensical, the melodies are nonexistent, the vocals almost sound like they came out of one of those machines that mask voices on TV shows, and everything else clangs with pangs of experimentation. Does it work? Only sometimes. Closing track “Blue Skies” is actually entertaining in its absurdity, but generally there is basically nothing on this EP that most listeners would recognize as music. It’s experimentation that goes off the rails. It’s simply strange. Just strange.

(Joyful Noise Recordings, PO Box 20109 Indianapolis, IN 46220)