Top 10 News Bloopers: Real-Life Ron Burgundy “Anchorman” Moments

Thursday, April 5th, 2012


Anchorman‘s Ron Burgundy may be a broadcast news legend, but he’s also had his fair share of on-air meltdowns. Still, it’s Ron’s subtle mix of sexist charm and drunken bravado that has influenced so many anchors and reporters over the years. So now, with the announcement of the long-awaited Anchorman sequel, let’s take a look at the broadcast professionals who have taken up his twisted mantle at the cost of their very souls.

Best Use of Weather-Related Tourette’s

Did weatherman Matt Dinardo suffer a fit of coprolalia? Not likely. Rather, it appears that his frustration at fudging the final line (“Straight ahead on the Fox live at news”) of this promo shoot simply got the best of him. Either that or he’s found a perfect way to exorcise the shame of being a weatherman.

Best Use of Homicide as a Punchline

Ever heard that joke about the guy who dismembered his wife? Apparently, he chopped her up in her own home, leaving their two kids without a mother. Why aren’t you laughing? This is hilarious stuff.

Let’s just hope for anchorwoman Hema Mullur’s sake that this guy never murders anyone.

Best Passive-Aggressive Reaction to a Bad Sexual Experience

Hey guys! Tired of Susan telling you that you’re bad in the sack? Never fear! Turns out she just needed a simple injection to finally “enjoy penis.” Isn’t that right, Susan?

Best Nonsensical Bestiality Call to Action

Anchor Ernie Anastos is right. We should all take his advice to heart and continue having sex with farm animals. It makes them more tender.

Best Fake Blooper We Wish Was Real

Turns out this one is completely fake, created by comedian Chris Mata for viral lulz. But let’s be honest: this behind-the-scenes meltdown is probably more accurate than MSNBC would care to admit.

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