Verbicide Unsigned Spotlight: Laura Vall

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Laura Vall

Who are you?
Laura Vall.

Who are the members of your band?
Laura Vall (vocals and keys), Thomas Hjorth (backing vocals and guitars), Mike Papagni (drums), and Spencer Wright (bass).

Where are you based out of?
Los Angeles, California.

Your music sounds like?
A mix of all our influences. From Fiona Apple to Radiohead, to PJ Harvey, Sade,  and Beck.

How did you discover music as a creative outlet?
I’ve always been singing and creating music — it has always been in me. I would say I need to create music in order to keep my soul at peace, to be happy and feel complete.

What’s the best part of being an independent musician, and how do you get the message out about your music and connect to fans?
The best part of it is that you have control over all the aspects of your career. You can create exactly the music you want to create, and present yourself the way you want and decide the direction in which you want your career to go. I try to get people to know my music through social networks, shows, videos, internet radios, contests, reviews…anything that gives my music exposure. Since I don’t have a budget to spend on promotion, I have to be creative!

What are your future musical projects and goals?
We are finishing up two new songs that we plan on releasing soon. We are putting together a new music video, and we’ll soon be making important changes within the band.