A Photo of a Young Jon Stewart in the Pit at a Dead Kennedys Show

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Jon Stewart in the pit at an early '80s DK show

Can’t help but share this one with our readers. Via Stereogum (in turn, via Gawker) comes this photo of a young Jon Stewart moshing at an early ’80s Dead Kennedys show.

The photo was taken by Irish Willis Peele at a show in Richmond, Virginia. Stewart — then Jon Leibowitz — attended William and Mary College until 1984. He is pictured in the center of the photo. Peele frequently photographed the Virgina speed punk band Front Line, as well as many others in the 1980s.  Here are some additional photos from Peele that document the Virginia punk scene.

1/28 Update: Numerous sources are stating that this is not Jon Stewart, but is, in fact, probably Alford Faulkner of the band Red Cross. Reports here, here, and here.

And for your afternoon listening pleasure, here’s some DK:

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