RACEBANNON – Six Sik Sisters

reviewed by Thomas Pizzola | Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Six Sik SistersThese Midwestern weirdos have a real knack for crafting some of the most out-there noise-core imaginable. Whether it’s teaming up with the “God of Noise” Merzbow, for the Merzbannon project, or crafting a rock opera centered on somebody who makes a pact with the devil to become a transsexual rock star, these guys certainly know how to push the limits of extreme music and get under your skin.

Musically, Racebannon likes to pile on the discordant riffs, whether going by at a brisk Melt Banana-type pace, or slowing down to a Melvins-style pummelling. But beyond the sonic nature of the music, they just have an air of being unhinged that gives the record an extra sense of danger.

Six Sik Sisters touches on themes of plague and witchcraft, and makes for one crazy listen. Sonically, it feels like one song broken down into nine separate parts. It delivers all the noisy angular riffs you could want, but also throws a few curveballs, such as a three-minute drum solo and an ending coda that sounds like Can’s drums meet the Soothing Sounds Of Nature CD series.

You’ll want to listen to this record in one sitting, which really isn’t all that daunting, as it’s a scant 25 minutes. This has to be a record in brevity for a concept album. But it doesn’t sacrifice any narrative for its short length.

Frantic opener “Thee Plea” is all noise and angular riffs, and leads perfectly into “Thee Apology,” which mines a slo-mo groove for all its worth. From there, the band mixes it up, going from frantic and frazzling, to slow, low, and heavy with the drop of a time signature.

This is definitely one for the adventurous listener, though anybody with a love for loud, noisy rock will likely find much to like here. It may bug-eyed crazy, but in today’s world of tame sounds, it’s cool to see a band fly its freak flag so high.

(Tizona Records, PO Box 478548, Chicago, IL 60647)

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