fIREHOSE to Reunite

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Nine months have passed since we first published rumors of a reunion, but it looks like fIREHOSE — featuring Mike Watt, George Hurley, and Ed Crawford — will be returning to the stage. According to a tip from a reader, an announcement was made during the X show on December 29th Harlow’s in Sacramento, California┬áthat fIREHOSE will be performing at the venue in April.

According to Sonic Living, the show will take place on April 5, 2012 at 8 p.m. Harlow’s has not yet posted the show information on their site, so stay tuned and check often.

fIREHOSE formed in 1986 following the death Minutemen front man D. Boon. They performed more than 900 shows, and last played on February 12, 1994 at the Warner Grand Theatre in San Pedro, California.

1/9 Update: fIREHOSE will perform at Coachella 2012, a two-weekend event taking place April 13-15 and 20-22 in Southern California.

1/12 Update: fIREHOSE have announced their 2012 tour dates!

  • Cody L

    That’s awesome! I hope this is really happening, and if so, hopefully we’ll get to hear new material from them at some point. Watt, Hurley, and Crawford.. I hope I get to see you guys perform in the future.

  • Bubba

    Excellent news! Fantastic band. What a treat it will be to see these guys jam again. I’m there!

  • Dick Cheney

    The forces of evil are upset by this news!

  • I worked at this Italian restaurant in the East Village,run by Israelis, I delivered food. This chick I worked with knew EVERYTHING about music, she was a close intimate friend of Mike Watt (yeah right). She told me, when was it? 1995? or 96? that Mike Watt hated Firehose, and thought it was a waste of time, and of course the Minutemen were the only thing. I said ” I find it hard to believe that he would be in a band for 10 years, put out 6 or 7 albums, (whatever it was), and then turn around and call it waste of time. Oh, but she knew EVERYTHING!

  • Brian

    Grafik- I too have heard the same; heard Mike Watt treated Ed like a little kid who did not deserve to be there. I don’t doubt that there were tensions – they were signing to major label, getting producers (J Mascis) for albums. touring ALL the time – that gets to you.

  • esp

    i used to talk to watt before the fIREHOSE shows back in the early 90’s. my friends and i would always beg him to roll out the old minutemen stuff, and he would ALWAYS say that he didn’t want to out respect for ed. since the band broke up in ’94, maybe he was tired of hearing people beg for fIREHOSE tunes.

  • Brian McKenna

    It’s official, fIREHOSE is back together. They will be playing shows prior to, and in between, Coachella weeknds. These are the shows I know about:
    April 5 (Thu)- Harlow’s, Sacramento, CA (tickets on sale Friday through
    April 13 (Fri)- Fulton 55, Fresno, CA (tickets on sale Friday through

  • Kevin

    Why aren’t they playing in LA shows? Sacramento is going to be a nightmare commute.

  • bilo bilo

    Come on Watt, schedule a gig at the Warner Grand in San Pedro!

  • FluFlu

    (1987)I was fortunate enough to interview Mike before a show in Berkley. I had played the grooves off of Ragin Full on and was already a Minutemen fan. Mike was nothing but positive about Firehose as he described this as a connection not a progression. In other words, Firehose seemed like a way to remain connected to D. Boon, not to diverge. I wish I could be there for a show. This is great news for music.

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