Interview: Evan Weiss of Into It. Over it.

words by Garrett Lyons
| Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

For several years, former Damiera and The Progress bassist Evan Weiss has been one of the hardest working men in the music industry. Weiss’s previous release under the Into It. Over It. moniker was 52 Weeks, which entailed a non-traditional recording process: a song was written and recorded once a week, while Weiss balanced his duties with Damiera.

Into It. Over It’s new record Proper marks a return to the normal recording process.

“Fifteen days straight, 10 hours a day, to make 12 songs [on Proper] versus 52 days spread over a year, three hours at a time to record 52 songs [on 52 Weeks],” says Weiss. “It was a completely different experience.”

Even with the differing recording process, Proper maintains Weiss’s unique voice: “I don’t think I had really figured my influences out,” says Weiss. “I just [dived] into writing songs alone. 52 Weeks was kind of a blur. Now, I’m a little more grounded; a little more centered. My main influences have become the bands that run in the same circle as I do. Everyone is working so hard and moving so fast. That’s the best sort of motivation and inspiration.

“Just like every other Into It. Over It. record, the lyrics are stories and anecdotes about my life,” he continues. “They are all literal and very close to home.”

Weiss describes the typical writing process for Proper: “In between touring, Nick Wakim (who played drums) and I would get together four to ive days a week and work on ideas. Some of them were written on the spot; some were planned out. Then we would fine-tune them to our liking…really just trying to make them shorter.”

“I’m really proud of the whole thing,” continues Weiss. “I think it plays very nicely as a whole. The flow is really excellent in my opinion. ‘Midnight: Carroll Street’ or ‘Where Your Nights Often End’ might have surprised me the most though with how cool they came out.”

Weiss will be spending the next year doing “super extensive touring” and that he will be “everywhere and anywhere.”

Click here to download “Rapid Shitty, SD” by Into It. Over It.