KEPI GHOULIE – I Bleed Rock ‘n Roll

reviewed by Sebastian Gahan | Friday, November 25th, 2011

I Bleed Rock ‘n Roll from Kepi Ghoulie — formerly of Groovie Ghoulies — is an album blessed with a catchy title. But does the music hold up? The album opens with the short and sharp “Rock and Roll Shark,” which seems to lay out the blueprint for the album with its lyrics, “‘I gotta keep swimming, I gotta keep winning!” This record does everything in its power to keep winning with song after song of catchy, deceptively simple rock ‘n roll.

The title track speaks for itself, and the addictive track “The Fever” — with its message that “what the world needs now is rock n roll” — is another highlight (as is the powerful anthem, “I Just Wanted You To Know”). Other notable songs include the garage rock of “Part Time Romeo” and the sophisticated production of “When I’m Gone,” perhaps the most exciting song on the album.

With 13 quick tracks, I Bleed Rock ‘n Roll flies by, and is so enjoyable that the only option is to play it all over again. There aren’t many albums that offer such an experience on the very first listen. If you enjoy the music of Kepi’s former band then you’ll enjoy this album immensely. In fact, if there’s blood running through your veins, it’s almost certain you’ll find something to enjoy here!

(Asian Man Records, PO Box 35585, Monte Sereno, CA 95030)

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