OWEN – Ghost Town

reviewed by Garrett Lyons | Monday, November 7th, 2011

Owen "Ghost Town"The more I listen to Mike Kinsella’s solo work as Owen, the more I find myself in awe of his musical talent. Ghost Town carries on the stellar lyrical sense that Owen has always shown, but takes on a more polished musical style. The raw experimental edge of New Leaves makes way for tightly arranged and perfectly performed guitars with new backing elements, with “I Believe” being the standout track.

I could spend pages waxing poetic every piece of near-perfection on Ghost Town, but that would turn into a hyperbolic exercise in adjective writing. Suffice it to say, Ghost Town is a stellar album. It’s brilliant singer-songwriter work with gut-wrenching lyrics. The music astounding, with everything from string arrangements and angelic backing vocals interspersed throughout. It may not have the true experimental edge of his earlier work, but Ghost Town is as close to a masterpiece as a listener can expect.

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