Fixed That For Ya! – Courtney Killed Kurt Edition

Friday, October 7th, 2011

It takes a pretty sick person to say she’d kill her dead husband if he were to come back from the dead…it takes a sicker person to say she’d “fuck him and then kill him”…and then you have Courtney Love, who seems to have selective memory issues.

Hey, Courtney — fixed that for ya! (via The Marquee Blog)

  • Luno

    Anyone who doesn’t get where she’s coming from has obviously never lost a loved one to suicide and if you haven’t, you have no right to judge her for her feelings and the intensity with which she expresses them. I only know my own experience and can’t imagine how much worse it would feel to have the entire world staring me down for the last fifteen years, blaming me for something I tried to prevent from happening, accusing me of having him killed and criticizing my every personal mistake. It’s unbelievable to me, the way people treat Courtney. She’s a human being, like everyone else, except she’s a hell of a lot smarter and more honest than the average person. I’ve never met anyone as brilliant as she is who wasn’t a mess sometimes. Read her bio on Wikipedia and tell me she hasn’t done remarkably well considering everything she’s been through.