reviewed by Garrett Lyons | Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Every so often there is a sound so completely and totally unique that it defies effective description beyond anything but the most general terms. Hello is the electro-chillout debut of New York City’s Take Remedy. There are a multitude of elements working with (and sometimes against) each other, ranging from ’80s hip-hop, to elements of Deerhoof and Massive Attack. Sometimes the sound produces a great vibe that accomplishes the chillout vibe. Other times, the girly vocals combine with the sonic loops to produce a sound so ineffably irritating that listening to a group of alley cats fighting would be pleasurable compared to hearing this wailing. If someone is a die-hard chillout fan, then Take Remedy might be an adventurous addition to a collection. Anyone who never got into that sound should run away as fast as they can from this EP.

(Projecting Nothing, no address provided)