FRUIT BATS – Tripper

reviewed by Garrett Lyons | Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Tripper is a superbly mellow album. The whole thing slides into a groove of ’60s pop crossed up with a laid-back vibe. In other words, the whole album is so mellow that there is actually nothing remarkable about it. It’s a perfectly pleasant album that is nearly innocuous in sound and would be downright perfect for listening to if all you’re doing is hanging out by the pool and not thinking about anything important. The lyrics are fine, the music is solid, and the vocals are perfect for the singer-songwriter groove of the album.  Tripper is a good record — just bland, and it falls into the lump of retro-styled singer-songwriter albums without standing out from the pack.

(Sub Pop Records, 2013 Fourth Avenue, Third Floor, Seattle, WA 98121)