THURSTON MOORE – Demolished Thoughts

reviewed by Vanessa Bennett | Friday, July 22nd, 2011

This album is not what one would expect from the vocalist/guitarist of Sonic Youth. For Demolished Thoughts, Thurston Moore has left behind the heavily reverberating and static-y sounds to create a dreamlike and sprawling landscape of subdued melodies and thought.

It may be less avant-garde and it may be less abrasive, but it isn’t bad. “Benediction” starts the album off with an acoustic and folksy style. The string section is lovely and fits surprisingly well with the more twangy guitar chords. Moore’s vocals are a unique contradiction of smooth and gravely as they sing each lyric. “In Silver Rain With A Paper Key” is a notable track that has a slightly psychedelic atmosphere and a melancholy undercurrent.

One of the most enjoyable tracks on the album is “Orchard Street.” It has a sparkling ending preceded by a slowly building melody that explodes with intricate string notes and passion. There is a bittersweet tendency to the track, but it fits very well with the overall themes of the album.

Moore has a penchant for the more meditative and acoustic compositions on this album. There are moments where lyrically he falls flat, but it is a poignant album that showcases the more introspective side of an accomplished musician. It is an album that will make you take a step back at first, but quickly sparks your interest.

(Matador Records, 304 Hudson St., 7th Floor, New York, NY 10013)

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