This Week in Pop Culture: Marijuana is Evil Again

Monday, July 11th, 2011

10. Celebrities you might have cared about five years ago popped out babies this weekend. Victoria Beckham gave birth to her first girl, and Kate Hudson to her second boy.

9. The News of the World rolls out its final issue today after a 168 years of running exploitive stories every time a celebrity does something a little bit wrong. How sad! Let’s organize a classy wine and dine to properly send them off.

8. Studies show that you are more likely to survive a plane crash than to actively click on a banner ad. Yip yip.

7. After about 10 years of flip-flopping on the topic, the US Federal Government has decided that marijuana is not medicine, and that it will no longer continue to be prescribed medically in the United States. It is still classified as being highly dangerous.

6. Speaking of marijuana: a short New York Magazine poll uncovered that only 10 percent of Americans would consider themselves a “pot smoker” (“pot smoker,” for the poll’s purposes, is being classified as smoking marijuana once or more a year). In Jamaica, that percentage is eight percent, and in the Netherlands, it’s a mere 4.2 percent. Wild, right?

5. This is just weird: a group of Chilean students staged a kissing protest outside of the city courts of Concepcion to show their disdain for the city’s new new education policies. I’m having trouble finding out what exactly these new policies are though. Did they ban PDA?

4. Did you know senior citizens make up 17 percent of all online dating subscriptions?

3. Jose Canseco has gone Twitter-insane. And who is Leila?

2. Click here to listen to an unmixed, recently-unreleased Elliott Smith song from a compilation album called Live From Nowhere Near You benefiting the homeless youth.

1. This isn’t pressing news. BUT. Click to look through 25 amazing pictures of people posing with bizarre things they collect. Then show all of your friends. –Christina Drill