Verbicide Unsigned Spotlight: Verity In Stereo

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

We are:
Kiirstin – vocals
Mikal – piano
Corinne – clarinet, flute, saxophone, back-up vocals
Craig – drums

Where are you based out of (location)?
Monmouth County, New Jersey

Your music sounds like?
Verity In Stereo is piano-rock that is also a cross between indie-pop and indie-rock.  We don’t really sound like any other band.  We were actually called “aggressive lounge” by a radio DJ from WMCX 88.9, a local monmouth county station.

How did you discover music as a creative outlet?
Kiirstin: I’ve been writing lyrics from a young age. I realized I had the ability to sing well at age 10.  My mom got me into musical theatre but I always knew it wasn’t completely for me, that I was missing something.  It was actually while I was on tour with a production of Cabaret that I discovered I wanted to play guitar and write my own songs after watching a fellow cast member do just that on tour.  I recieved a guitar for my birthday after the tour and started to write music.  Though I’ve been involved in different projects I’ve never stopped writing my own music.

Corinne: I discovered music as a very young girl.  From the time I could speak and walk I was always singing songs; my favorites were apparently Christmas songs, especially “The Little Drummer Boy.” Around 4 I began to take ballet and I used to choreograph dances to any music I heard, but it wasn’t until I picked up a clarinet at 13 that I began to look at music creatively.  Realizing I could express myself through something other than my voice or through words was enlightening because it opened up more creative doors for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed playing classical pieces with my clarinet because I could put so much emotion into my playing, which I think has transferred over into what I do with Verity in Stereo today.  Before joining ViS I was the lead singer in the band Universal Remote for about 4 years, which was another wonderful musical experience for me and definitely help me progress vocally.  I guess you could say music has pretty much always been a creative outlet for me.

Mikal: I discovered music as a creative outlet in college, I’ve been playing piano since I was 8 but really didn’t appreciate it until I was about 19 or 20.

What’s the best part of being an independent musician, and how do you get the message out about your music and connect to fans?
Kiirstin: The best part about being an independent musician is getting to show the world what you are made of; how creative you can be.  No one is handing down parts for us to play or things for me to sing.  We get to create these songs that are all our own.  The internet has been a huge help over the past couple years in getting our music to people who wouldn’t normally hear it.  Sometimes I do things the old fashion way, putting up fliers and handing out postcards, but really the most effective way to get people to pay attention to us has been through facebook.  We’ve gotten many people to come out to shows through facebook promotions.  We even won a national online contest by promoting it on facebook.

Corinne: The best part is that we can do and play whatever we want.  I think because our band doesn’t fit into one specific genre gives us the room to experiment with different styles and sounds when we write.  It’s nice to not have people telling you what you have to play to make the most money or having people hand you songs that were already written by someone; I think that is incredibly limiting to musicians.  As for getting the message out about our music, the internet is amazing for this.  We promote everything through it, especially facebook.  It’s definitely changed the music scene and sometimes not for the better, but in the aspect of getting fans it has made it much easier to get your music heard.

Mikal: I don’t know the great part of being an independent musician, making music is great but not getting paid stinks.  But facebook is a great way to connect with fans.

What are you future musical projects and goals?
We are currently working on new material for either a new EP or an album.  This new recording we feel is going to represent us better than anything we have done so far.  We are then going to shop this EP around to labels and hope to get signed by a large indie label sometime in 2011.

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