Hella Releases Track Listing, Artwork for “Tripper”

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

After a four-year hiatus, experimentalist duo Hella (featuring drummer Zach Hill and guitarist Spencer Seim) has returned. Stripped back down to the original two-piece lineup, they’veĀ released the cover artwork and track listing from Tripper, their newly completed fifth album, due out August 30th, 2011 on Sargent House.

Hella also invited people to create their own videos/visuals for the new song and post them to YouTube, listed simply as “Hella – Track 1” (later titled “Headless”). Users then shared their links on theĀ band’s Facebook page; one of the entries is posted below after the tracklisting.

Tripper Tracklisting
01. Headless
02. Self Checkout
03. Long Hair
04. Yubacore
05. Netgear
06. Kid Life Crisis
07. On The Record
08. Furthest
09. Psycho Bro
10. Osaka

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